Saturday, June 28, 2008


The weekend is here, and I'm head-over-heels!!

Saw this last night, and it's so cute and funny!! I love Disney and Pixar!! My dad actually saw it with us---and he hasn't seen a movie in like 15 years!!! I had to pry him off the Win-this-motorcycle-booth & explain to him that he will be bombarded with junk mail after that!!!

Oooh, and I have a crush on JAMES McAvoy (I've loved him since King of Scotland)!! Am excited about seeing his movie with AJ, too!!

I am really overwhelmed about these coming in! **GASP*** There are about 1400 proofs that I have to look at!!!

And I get to meet a new nephew today!

Rediscovered items bought from her! Am so excited to use some of it for my next upcoming scrapbooking project!!!

Anyway, have a fab weekend, everyone!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dealing with grief :(

this was a sign. the picture was taken during a helicopter ride between maui and molokai during our honeymoon. whales are one of my favorite animals..they are grand and serene and magical to me. just seeing them from above gave me goosebumps. they were a family..

something wonderful happened, but that wonderful wasn't quite meant to be. & so there was a loss. i struggled to decide whether to blog about it, but i find it very helpful to talk, and in this instance, to write about it.

this helped a ton! watching a movie that i was waiting for for so long was therapy! i watched it THREE times with different sets of loves: 1) my hubby & sis, who were with me during that devastating day. 2) one of my close friends who share my love of the series & fashion. 3) two of my BFFs from high school. And by the way, this movie was just fantastic!!

receiving flowers from three awesome friends also helped. i think having flowers in a room instantly lifts my mood! these ones are from my sister:

i also had retail therapy, probably my favorite solution although it definitely got me into trouble with the hubby! i heart my new accessory for the summer!! AND awwww-shayt! I'm sooo excited about the second one! Two of my faves combined?????? uh-oh...

i've also been reading this:

and i really want to get my hands on this...

my sis pointed it out to me. how fascinating to find a book that's just about letters and art! i can't seem to find the 6 volume set online. bummer!!

and last but definitely not least, i've been making cards. THAT always leaves me happy!!!

P.S. I probably will also get a tattoo..been wantin' one since my 30th birthday. It'll be of my favorite word, which happens to be my ultimate dream, and it will signify the happiest day and saddest day of my life....

whew!!! i feel better already :). thanks for reading! Laterz!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Finally! After almost three months of hiatus, I've scrapped a page for the first time!! With all the wedding, honeymoon, and newly wedded shenanigans, I have truly needed to do THIS:

From Studio Calico, I have subconciously included my wedding colors of orange, green, and pink (a new favorite combo!). Used lots of October Afternoon pp, American Crafts letters, pen, & ribbon, lace paper from KI Memories, gel blossoms from Heidi Swapp, card and stamp from Studio Calico, ink from Stampin' Up.

I've also made some yummy cards. See them here: