Monday, July 27, 2009


This card makes me happy!

It's been awhile since I've joined a contest and thought why not join in on one (or two). Especially when it has to do with my new favorite stamps. The card above is for The Greeting Farm's Farm Fresh Friday Fluttery Floral contest (that's a lot of F's!) in which we are supposed to create a card and feature flowers and a butterfly. I really like it and am not sure if I'd ever give it away. Although August is coming up and there are like 12 people who'll be celebrating their birthdays! *Supplies are listed below.

And then something else happened today that will be unforgettable! Matthew breastfed for 10 minutes!!! 8 weeks to the DAY of his birth! YESSSS!!! After labor, I had some very minor complications that may have resulted in Mattie not breastfeeding. Despite hours and days of skin-to-skin contact, lactation consultations, and trials & errors, he never stayed on. Luckily, I had been pumping and have finally established a fair amount of supply in the freezer. For you moms out there, you know that breastfeeding/pumping is no small feat! So today, I put him on and VOILA!! BLISS, I tell ya! I now feel secure, confident, and yes, less guilty (ahhh, mother's guilt!). Even if we don't continue, I now know that if we get stuck somewhere without my life saver (the breast pump), my baby will get fed! :) :) :)

Here's one of my favorite photos of baby boy:

Mattie, about 2.5 weeks old, in his first tub bath.

Cardstock: Bazzill
Patterned paper: Reminisce, Rouge de Garance
Flowers: Mulberry Hill
Fiber: Maya Road
Stamp: Anya, The Greeting Farm
Markers: Copic
Butterfly: (I cut out of) kol laj by TreiC Bautista
Brads: American Craft
Mesh/ glitter: unknown

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting to play!

All the stamps, markers, cardstock that I ordered have finally come in! This Ian stamp (I call him preppy boy) is from The Greeting Farm. Sorry, I'm blogging from my phone and can't do links right now. Ian was one of my name choices when I was preggo so already, it's a plus getting this stamp. I still have to practice my shading and learn how to properly use the blending pen. But all in all, I'm pretty happy with and actually in awe of it! :). I don't have the red marker yet so the scarf is done with a color pencil. I can't wait to play some more!!!

Cardstocks: Bazzill, Gina K
Patterned paper: 7 gypsies, Rouge de Garance
Stamp: Ian, Greeting Farm
Ink: Memento
Brads: Basic Grey
Ribbon: unknown
Markers: Copic
Sticker: American Craft
Color Pencil: Crayola

happy Sunday, peeps! <3

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I love this store! Been coming here for years to buy clothes and toys as presents for the many kids in my life (I have like 10 Godchildren!). So now I finally get to shop here for my very own child! They've got some cute stuff and I always overspend. I know that I probably shouldn't spend so much on baby clothes because Mattie will grow out of them so fast. But I figured I'll keep a few pieces forever. And if he gets to look cute AND unique, why not? :)

Now a friend had told me that although baby girls often have the cuter clothes, little boys do too. But it's kinda limited- you either dress your boys like a "skater dude" or "mr. preppy." But this store allows me to party with my lil (faux- hawk sportin') "rock Starr!" Check out the GOLD shoes and Beatles shirt on this guy!

I SO want to play with my recent goodies from here and especially from here. But, ALAS, I have to put my job first and study for PALS. I'm a lil (ok, more than a little) bummed that I have to take the class/ get re-certified during my leave but I know it's very important to keep up with my emergency skills. I'm really nervous, too, of how I'll be able to participate in an intense class with the lack of sleep (& caffeine)...y'know, due to the newborn babe and all. Ahh, and the thought of pumping in my car....*YIKES!* Anyway, I took the pre-assessment tests and I did well. I remembered a lot from the course two years ago. Yay me!

Thanks for visiting! Hopefully, after PALS, I'll have some cards and lay-outs to post! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the two most important events of my life...

happened in the past year and three months and I have NOT scrapped either one!!
Two of the happiest moments in my life were getting married and becoming a mama!

Maybe it's because I'm overwhelmed. Or just plain busy (being wifey and mommy are no joke!!). BFF, Jo, has been a great inspiration...and has been yelling at me for the past year to get started! :)

Aside from Joboogie, I've also been inspired with Amber's and Cathy's birth lay-outs. I would love to do my own. It might even be the first one I create.

I took notes during my labor-- like the anal *AHEM* I mean, organized RN that I am. But it wasn't the time the pitocin was hung or my membranes ruptured that interest me. It's how I felt hearing Matthew's first cry or how soft his cheek felt next to mine. I would never want to forget those moments and I would love for Mattie to be able to know how I felt. *sighs* I'm tearing up just thinking about it..

Anyway, thanks to Jo, I've discovered and am so very excited to get these bits of goodness!!!

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Wanna be photographer..that's what I am. Started experimenting with a newly bought baby pod from Etsy, Jo's back drop, and of course, my babe. Here are the results:

Wanna be photographer..that's what I am. Started experimenting with a newly bought baby pod from Etsy, Jo's back drop, and of course, my babe. Here are the results:

And maybe I have time to post up some cards since lil man is still asleep!