Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Cupid's Day!

Sometimes, when Gilderoy would tell me he loves me, I'd ask, "How much?" He'd answer, "A lot." Now, my fiance isn't the most poetic with words, and I'd ask him to clarify. He'd say the same thing.."A lot." I'd get mad with him.

So for Valentine's, I walk down the stairs and found these in the dining room table:

With this card:

Isn't that so sweet? I cried when I read it!!

Here's what I made him: Some Scenic Route goodness!!

And my sis got us a bottle of my fave wine!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!! Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE THIS MAN?!!!(He's gonna kill me if he sees this picture!) *LOL*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Happs...

My sis was joking when we were shopping today. She said she spends more when she's with me. She's like, "That's what I get for shopping with someone who has expensive tastes." I tell her it's because I'm a Taurus. That's why I like the finer things in life.

Enter Nordstrom's Rack..the perfect solution for my need for a Valentine's outfit and the WB (wedding budget). I like shopping there because it's cleaner than Ross although you don't get the same deals. I got the perfect Cynthia Steffe top and cute, dangling earrings for more than half off the regular price! I hope the Gilster likes it!

And as far as my expensive desires, I see it this way. When we were growing up, we never were the "cool" teens wearing the then-designer clothes. We never went on any fancy trips. So now that I'm an adult and work hard for my money, you bet I'll be spoiling myself now and then! Shoot! I deserve it!!

And I never went into the store straight for the "expensive" rack. It just happened that I wanted a nice outfit with a good quality fabric & a romantic neckline. And that came in the blush-colored silk blouse with the rouching I find so flattering and scrapbooking-like!! :)

Anyway, speaking of scrapbooking, here's a l.o. I did for project # 3 from the Garage Girls.

The assignment was to use the Hambly sticker that was provided. I did this l.o. on my friend's daughter, Isabella. She did so well at her Christmas concert doing the Hula to Mele Kalikimaka..she is truly a STAR!!

A few random l.o.'s here: ..of my wish for a house, my giraffe nephew, and one of our Xmas traditions. There's also a card for a co-worker.

And I added more stuff to these:

And here are some pics from Jonah's party: He got into so much fun with the cake!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fun stuff.

Fun lay-outs galore: Used Scrap In Style TV's Sushi Kit. The first two l.o.'s are of my fave Japanese restaurant, Umi Sushi. I also added some painting. The third l.o. is from the February SOMLkit. It's of my godson, J, who just turned one. Also included are some items from LT such as the "leaves" (which were actually cut-up flowers that are drawn on with markers), Basic Grey rub-ons, and the letters. And I had fun with stamps!! I'm finally catching up with my scrapping! TFL!!

Some Randomness:

1) And so it's 36 past noon. I've got a 2 and 1/2 -day weekend ahead of me. The only thing I have planned really is J's party on Sunday, some cleaning, and maybe a bit of wedding planning to do. I've ordered some stuff in the mail to boost up my weight loss, so hopefully I can get started with that new work-out DVD. But, anyway, I've got to WORK OUT TODAY!!! I've gotten lazy & discouraged the last few days.

2) Bummed that there's something wrong with uploading pics at SIS TV. Finally got 3 l.o.'s to share but I keep getting "error." I seriously could spend hours in the front of the computer-- checking my email, posting on MySpace, browsing on scrapbooking sites, and emailing my vendors.

3) What to do for lunch? It's the first Friday of Lent, and I can't eat meat. Maybe I'll whip up an egg sandwich. It's so weird to me that Easter will be coming early this year.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is Going to be a LOOOOONG One!!!!

Toot, Toot, TOOT for me! It's my favorite one for so far. I am Picture Me Perfect's Featured Scrapper of the Month!! I have been waiting and wanting it for so long, and my dream finally came true! Thanks, Suzy and Laurie!!

I've completed 2 of the 3 Garage Girl Assignments. I hope they don't mind that I'm posting them here:

The first assignment was to use one cardstock, at least one patterned paper, and the fun mini paper embellishments they provided. I thought this pic went well with the orange-ish cardstock and turquoise print that I picked from Autumn Leaves. The title "Turquoise" speaks for itself and the lay-out is of my friends, L, J, and baby J. I also used some ribbon and crackle paint. I loved the brads as well!

For the second one, they gave me chipboard to scrap with. I decided to do a Valentine's theme for the season and the month. I cut up the flower chipboard they gave me into hearts. I used Scenic Paper Route, stickers, rub-ons, crackle paint, and ribbon. The title is "Romance is in the Air" to tie in the hearts and the beautiful Hawaiian sky in the pics.

Then, I made this card for God-son, Jonah! Can't believe he is one as of yesterday!!

Oooooh, and we're getting stuff done for the wedding! Here's a couple of pics from my "Invitation Folding Par-tay," when really, it was an assembly sweatshop! My friends and sis were awesome...we had a great time, and I am so grateful!! They were even good sports when I joked about using my ribbon whip on them and restricting their bathroom usage as I played bridezilla!!! BUWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

And DUDE!!! The food tasting at our reception place was awesome!!! These pics are making my mouth water!!