Friday, August 31, 2007

12 Days of Relaxation?

Today is officially the start of my vacay. And what do I do? I freaking wake up at 4:00 am!! I've been waking up really early lately and I can't go back to sleep! I'm hoping that I could nap later on though!

So, for this vacation, I'm not really going anywhere except maybe in the Sacramento area to visit my sis. She has her residency at UC Davis, and she could use some company as she's bored to HECK!! She'll probably be gone for long hours at a time, but I could always scrap while she's gone!

Speaking of scrapping, I finally entered some lay-outs for publication at Scrapsubmit, and I heard from Ready, Set, Create! for showcasing a page I did for last year's Halloween. Nothing's set, but I'm so happy that they liked my work!! Yay!!

But really, no more whining from me. I started a thread at SOML asking for advice on how to make it as a designer. It's true what Sara says...scrapbooking is so personal because it's all about your pictures, your memories, and your art. It's understandable that people take it so personally when their work doesn't get picked. But seeing it from a creative coordinator's perspective has opened my eyes and really encourage me to try once more!

Now, while I'm trying to plan out some relaxation, I can't help but look at the things looming over my head.

1) Wedding planning...I really need to pick my colors this week!!! Almost everything I still need to do depends on them: bridesmaids' dresses, flowers, cakes, invitations... I'm not 100% sure with the basic brown/green dress idea with sashes of different colors to match a tropical flare. I'm still thinking of orange as well! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!

2) Work meeting...Nursing Shared Leadership is really stressing me out. I have to figure a date/time for an upcoming meeting, and it's so hard to get other people to become more motivated and other people to lay off!!! Pooh on them!

3) A friend's bridal shower...I'm excited for one of my bff's upcoming wedding, and I'm in charge of getting the favors and decorations. I love putting together party stuff, but I just have to be very aware of the BUDGET!!

During the last couple of days, I got one page done. But i'm so behind with my daily candy cards!! I haven't done Monday's till today's. Haaaa....maybe I'll take a nap now and play later!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to scrappin'

One of the bad things about going on vacay (and there aren't too many!) was that I didn't get to scrap for two days! True, I could've brought my supplies, but the car was packed, and there wouldn't be time anyway. So, one of the reasons I was glad to be home is that I get to scrap!

This l.o. features Mike, our best man. He's Gil's bff, and my male one as well, and if it wasn't for him, we would've never met! Mike has tons of interests and degrees--he knows computers, he's traveled the world, and he's a chef! Right now, he works for Verizon. We keep telling him, he's way over qualified! (Used Label Tulip Playhaus and Recess Kit).

You are the Sunshine of my Life...that's why I'll always be ar-rrround.....Ok, that song was from L & J's wedding, and it's been stuck in my head. I hope I got the lyrics right..I'm never gonna win on the "Singing Bee," I always make up my own words!! HA ha!!

So this one is about my future-in-laws. I loved the bright picture! And the Starbucks card holder with the picket fence was perfect!! They've made quite a life together..a new huge house, a baby, and each other. I also love how romantic they are with each other....I always catch Albert touching Cathy's face in a tender way. When she mentioned how she didn't like the prominent mole on her chin, Albert told her, "Don't do that! That's my Cindy Crawford mole right there!" *LOL!* So cute! (Also used Label Tulip Kit with some stamping action in the background).

In between the church and reception last Saturday, we went home and I scrapped!! I was so inspired by the wedding so I took this pic of my friends from their November wedding and went wild! I liked the color combo here--I wanted to match her fall bouquet. But I was truly disappointed that my scanner couldn't scan the thick flowers!! And I don't have a nice digital camera that could take sharp pics yet :(. (Used Label Tulip with some Hambly).

The bride, L, had so many great ideas for her wedding!! I've got tons of tips on how to save more money!! And so, yesterday, I actually made lots of emails and calls for wedding planning! i'm so proud that I'm back on this mode! Have lots to do and people to see!!

Here are some pics from the wedding:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lake Tahoe

Got back last night from a two-day trip of Lake Tahoe. Came back relaxed, tired, but full of life. Really enjoyed the grand pine trees, my friend's cabin, the clear lake, and awesome friends. Spent today catching up on work, emails, wedding planning, and helping for my friend's bridal shower. Starting to get stressed for the work week..but mind wanders back to the stress-free days of wading on the shore, eating at the deck surrounded by trees and squirrels, and losing $20 at the casino :).

Happy Tuesday!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Going to the chapel......

...gonna get married!!! Not me, but my friends L & J are! I'm so excited because I will be getting hitched at the same church next year. I definitely will picture how it would be like for me to walk down that aisle!! :)

Today will be a full day, and during the next couple of days, I will be in Tahoe celebrating a colleague / friend's 50th birthday! She owns a cabin up there and has invited fellow'll be so much fun! I could use a little break from it all. I've been in a slump lately and I hope the freshness of this place will rub off on me!! Ha ha!

There's a big age difference there, but I like having friends that are way older than I am. A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I met with some co-workers who are older. Their perspective on life is inspiring--one of them is going through cancer right now. They even gave us advice on getting married and internet dating. It was definitely very fun!

But back to my friend K's birthday. What to get, what to get for a woman who can afford everything? She once said she does nursing because it's her hobby! HA!! Wish I could say the same, except I have, like, a FREAKING mortgage like the average person!! Well, everyone could use a massage, right?! (I know I do!). We got her gift certificates to La Belle day spa. And for a hostess gift, I got her this leaf bowl platter. I love Crate and Barrel! I think we'll be registering there for the wedding!

Looking forward to a full weekend, but sad that I won't be able to scrap. Here are some projects I finished yesterday.

(Both are from the Label Tulip Playhaus & Recess kit)

And the start of my version of the daily Daily Candy. It's a pic of me and M when we were reminded me of all of our boy troubles and how we swore them off when were 16, even writing out a contract to give up on them! *LOL!* I heard from her yesterday, and we've come so far. She's happily single (she's always been so independent!) and I'm blissfully engaged! Liking these little, artful "diaries." (Today's was the first pic up there!).

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Things happen for a reason??

Didn't quite start my day out as I'd hoped...Woke up at 0300 (freaking-A!!), and have been up since. This benadryl thing is messing up my sleeping patterns. But off to more positive things first!

I bought this cute compact at Etsy. Haven't really bought anything lately so I had trouble logging in. Am glad to be discovering it again, esp after SIS TV has been mentioning it.

So since 0300, I've been logged on to Healthstream-- a computer module(s) that is required for my job annually. In order to save my sanity (I have, like 20 courses on back injuries, Code of Conduct, etc. to complete!), I've been checking sites and my email after doing two or three. I was also soo relieved that there were a few that were auditory so I could *ahem* listen while I surf. He he! Don't get me wrong, this is important stuff and luckily, I am passing them!

But this is what I found out in the wee hours of the morning. The Design Team at Studio Calico is up! I must say that those ladies did an awesome job! I loved what they came up...such creativeness!! I went to Label Tulip, too, but theirs isn't up yet.

I've turned in applications for the DT for these companies. I'm not going to lie and say I'm not disappointed that I didn't get them because I truly am. I'm with Jo in that it's so frustrating trying to break through when it seems like blogs and kits are picking the same people. I understand that they would want the known and popular scrapbookers, not only because they tend to be wonderful at what they do, but also due to the exposure that blog/company will then receive.

But there's always a silver lining-- stumbling upon Jo's blog, I found out that she got invited to publish one of her lay-outs!!! Yay! I'm so happy! At least, now it's possible to get published after so many hours of hard work and determination. And when I saw SC's DT, I didn't recognize all of the ladies so this must mean one of two things!

1) That I don't know a lot of the "celebrity" scrapbookers. Or...
2) That they're just like me, a newbie trying to break through and DID!!

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Sometimes I feel that my l.o.'s are just as good as the ones up there. But then sometimes I know I still have a lot to learn--I should've never stopped scrapping for those many years. So although I'd love to get my name out there (and receive free kits!), I'm just going to continue trying. I think I'll do Scrap Submit like Jo did. But most of all, I'm just going to keep scrapping because my primary reason for doing this is that I enjoy it. I love my art! I don't know about DT's though....maybe I'll take a break...

Ok, the auditory lesson for my job is done and I must complete the test. Before I leave, here are some card creations from yesterday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crappy feeling...

Am not feeling too good today....

1) Have a rash on my right arm that's been so itchy.
2) Had to take Benadryl to fix the itch...
3) Had to call in because of my itch and Benadryl-induced sleepiness.
4) Missed my walks because of crappy feeling(s).

Some things cheered me up though. Read some inspirational blogs and found that Vera Wang will be producing an affordable line at Kohl's, thanks to this blog. Finally registered at the new
Dares' site. And then, I got to scrap during the last couple of days.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Closer to Nature

I've always loved hiking, and I can't believe I didn't keep up my exercising up until a week ago! (It's so freaking easy to be lazy!!)

When I walked on the trail yesterday, I felt so pumped up yet so much at ease at the same time. The trail is sort of like a hill you have to climb from the streets, and the opposite side of the trail is a creek. So when I walk on the gravel, I have a view of the water, the reeds, and the birds on one side..and cars zooming by on the other. With my Ipod blaring in my ears, I felt like dancing. I also wanted to belt out and sing, though I thought that if I could sing, I need to walk a little bit faster!! On the trail, I also feel closer to God. Maybe it's because the trail is elevated, but it's also because all you see ahead is mostly the sky and trees! I really need to enjoy nature more!

Then, last night, my sis and I watched Jersey Boys at the Curran Theatre in the city. It's the Broadway musical about the 60's group Four Seasons, and sang hits like "Sherry," "Big Girls Don't Cry," "Oh What a Night," and my favorite, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." I had goosebumps because the casts' singing was so awesome!! We had $40 seats which meant really far up the balcony--the only bad thing was I couldn't hear some of the lines. I was thankful for my sis' binoculars though. The Jersey Boys were cute especially Drew Gehling, who played Bob Gaudio, and Jarrod Spector, who convincingly played Frankie Valli. I've never seen the crowd dance along like that to a musical! I'd recommend seeing it!

So, it's my last day off before working the weekend, and I've made a to-do list. Let's see if I could actually finish them off.
1) Scrap.
2) Turn in submission to Studio Calico Design Team.
3) Finish doing laundry.
4) Figure out schedule switch for tomorrow and next week.
5) Wrap presents.
6) Exercise.
7) Shop for wedding 'fit for next weekend.
8) Pay bills.
9) Clean masters bedroom.
10) Date night tonight!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A-Days are awesome!

A-Days are when there are too many staff on and not enough patients. You get called off, have to stay available until a certain time, but you can choose to get paid. Today, I got the whole day off. I couldn't really leave the house and do anything (I had to stay by the phone) except go for a walk. But I did get two things accomplished!

I finally finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--it was sooo good!!

I don't want to give anything away, but in the end, I almost had tears!! I cannot wait to start reading another great book--ordered A Thousand Splendid Suns
from Amazon and I'm freaking wondering what's taking them so long!! It's from the same author as The Kite Runner, and I've heard great reviews about it!

Then, I got to scrap. The theme for today's lay-outs is FUNKY!!!

Used Bam-pop, Love, Elsie, and American Crafts.

Used August Story of my Life Kit with some Versa Ink and Scenic Route.
Used August Cocoa Daisy with Family Heritage, Philippine stationary, Love, Elsie.