Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Happy Hump Day, peeps!!!

I am quite excited to show you my card today featuring these wonderful images from Time for Tea Designs. Circus Hoop and Pasquale the Circus Pooch are so awesomely adorable, and were on sale to help raise money for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity in England. Jo was able to raise 1600 pounds!

I was quite glad I helped contribute and get these cuties in return. I've always had a warm spot in my heart for Circus-themed things. Ever since my son's first birthday party:).

I saved these papers and stickers from that party. I think my plan was to make thank you cards but I never got around to using them!


Well, I've got to skidaddle on now!

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, October 28, 2013

He makes my dreams come true... or supports me when I strive to do it myself! :)

Hi all!

Well, I finally finished my DH's birthday card. I meant well and finished coloring these Some Odd Girl images a week ago. Genie Gwen and Genie Kody are perfect to depict my hubby and me.


My hubbs is pretty much my best friend. And although, at times, he is resistant to what I the end, I always end up getting it. Because he either gives up or makes my dream come true. Hehehehe! So, yes, the genies are perrrrrrfeecttoooo!


Currently, I am pretty obsessed with setting myself apart from other crafters. What is my style? How can I be more unique? When I couldn't find the exact patterned paper for the card (even though where I stopped to shop -- Paper Tales -- in San Diego was totally cute), I decided to make my own. I wanted it to be all smokey! :) I used some gelatos and my metallic rub-ons on textured cardstock. Voila!!


Have a wonderful Monday night!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Orange, Green, Purple, and Black!

Hello, everyone!

It's time for another Yumi and Fumi Handmade Challenge -- in light of Halloween, the challenge these two weeks is a color combo of orange, green, purple, and black!

Here's my take using AJ Lion - this line of Kigurumi kids are perfect for Halloween!


Team Yumi is showcasing their cards/ projects today, and Team Fumi will be doing theirs next week. Remember that you have about two weeks to play and can use any stamped images you like. However, you get bonus points for using Y&FH stamps (they are so cute and awesome to play with!).

For more inspiration and all the rules, please visit the Yumi and Fumi Handmade blog. Thanks so much for visiting!!

Happy (almost) Halloween!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Balloon Kaylee's Birthday Party!


Hi all!

I am currently on vacay from work (and from this kind of "work" as well), and haven't really crafted. So I thought I'd show you all an old card I made but never got to post about. I made this card featuring SOG's Balloon Kaylee for this summer's CHA conference.

In fact, the watermark on this photo is old too. (oooops) It was from when I was still on the DT. Anyway, my inspiration for this card was my friend, Michelle's birthday! She is so fun and has such a colorful personality! So doesn't it look like there's a party going on in this card? LOL!!!



Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Leaves.

Hello everyone!

It's time for a card featuring a Fall release from Time for Tea Designs. And, by Fall, I mean Fall Leaves!


Isn't she pretty? And so perfect for Autumn, I just love the outfit she's wearing! I've come to appreciate this season over the years. The trees truly are beautiful with the leaves, and the crisp air is refreshing! The colors of the season are just gorgeous! And, of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving are both fun!

I'm so glad to say that I've used up scraps to make this card. I just got done with my craftroom purging, and it felt good to actually use old stuff!


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Modern Pee Wee Princess!


Good Thursday mornin', peeps!!

Sorry I haven't been around, but I had so much to do before I went on vacay. Which is officially today as my last meeting got cancelled...hooray!!!!

I have a card for you today featuring the oh-so-cute and totally adorbs Pee Wee Designs' Modern Princess. Isn't she just so amazing?

Pardon me as I am not quite good at coloring curly hair. But I do love how her bangs turned out, LOL! And even if she's quite feminine (hello, a tutu and the title "princess"...duh), I wanted to color her in something else besides pink. She's still quite a girly-girl though. And since she's modern and all, I chose a couple of papers with graphic designs.


Have an awesome day, folks! I've got news I'll be sharing soon!!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Anything Goes at Y&FH!


Hello all!!

There's an Anything Goes Challenge (Challenge 26) at Yumi and Fumi Handmade!

Here's a masculine card -- so very rare for me. I've used Summer Chuckles, and he's just so handsome with that wide smile!


Sorry so short but I've got to work tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting and make sure you visit Y&FH's blog!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013



Hello, folks!

I've got a card to show you featuring one of the newer releases from Time for Tea Designs -- it's Polly. She's quirky, a bit odd, and unlike any of the other images from T4TD, but she's Jo's newest character. I really like her, especially her bangs. :).


I put a bunch of different patterns for this awesome gal. She makes me smile so I wanted the card to have a happy feel to it! And I wanted her hair to be as unique as she is!

And please don't forget that Jo has a special charity sale going on that benefits the cancer patients in one hospital in England. Please visit her post here for more deets. I bought the digi stamps myself to help out and because they're so darn cute!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Until next time!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Magic!


Good Tuesday morning, peeps!!

Today, I've got a card for you for two challenges. First, there's a paper piercing challenge over at Milk Coffee Challenge and a DT call too. I haven't paper-pierced in so long! They've got some really cute digi stamps. Unfortunately, I ran out of ink so I couldn't print up any of their freebies going on right now. Make sure you get yours here! Otherwise, I've got a couple of Milk Coffee cards here and here.

I've forgotten the beauty you get from a paper-pierced image. I always thought you lose dimension, but now you can add that with similar-toned copics/ ink. Here, I combined this challenge with the Ombre challenge going on at Some Odd Girl.


I really love this Wild and Free line from Glitz Design. There are a lot of ombre elements here -- that feather PL card is captivating, and her wings, dress, flowers, and shoes are from the same line. I made sure to paper pierce exactly where the ombre part would show on her wings and dress. The mint background paper is from Dear Lizzy. I added some lace and washi and pearls for a feminine feel. I've also created some ombre waves in her hair. The image and sentiment are from SOG's Fairy Magic, and it's my first time using her.

The card and image are pretty meaningful as I had just come back from the land of Magic -- Orlando and its Walt Disney World and Universal's Harry Potter Land. I also attended the Magnet Conference for nurses and its theme was the "Magic of Magnet." :)

Hope you have a truly magical day!

Monday, October 7, 2013

World Card Making Day card.

Hi all!

First, I'd like to apologize for the smallness and quality of the pics -- During my vacay, I forgot my nice camera (gasppppppp!). I'm so sad that I've become so dependent on my phone cam that it didn't even occur to me to pack my Canon along for the trip. I suck! Boo!

The following pics were taken on my iPhone for World Card Making Day which was on 10/6/13. I didn't know about the day this year until I was already in Orlando, and so I didn't have anything pre-posted. Nor did I bring any stamps, Copics, or paper. Believe me, I thought about crafting something while on the trip, but I knew I'd be tired from the work conference, my kiddies, and our trips to the parks. I also wanted to concentrate on reading the book I brought. "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" was really a fun, ecclectic read.

But I did, however, bring my current planner. I also wanted to somehow start a "Filofax" sort of system where you organize and decorate your calendar posts with stickers and doodles and all sorts of goodness. If you're instagram, you've probably seen this phenomenon. So I brought colorful pens (for taking notes at the conference too) and kawaii-style stickers as well as one washi tape.

These were really my only supplies, besides the coasters I found for glasses and the scissors and thread from my travel sewing kit.

I didn't have any glue or tape so at first, I tried sewing on some planner paper onto a nursing school brochure (my cardstock). That was a mess and took forever. I even broke the cheap/ tiny needle in half! So I just taped on the paper haphazardly. I didn't want to waste the washi as you can see above. LOL!

I decided to make a card for my hubby who we missed terribly and who admitted he was lonely without us. It must've been hard for him to be apart from us for 6 days although I know he enjoyed it as well. He was always wearing his beloved tanks and parked in front of football or baseball!

And here's the finished card! Even I have a threshold on cuteness and these bunny and macaroon-themed puffy stickers were making me nauseous! Ha ha! I am sure my hubby would agreen ten-fold but I was happy I got a WCMD card done from thousands of miles away from home with almost no supplies to boot!

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My No Black Lines Tut over at Y&FH.

Taken right from my post at the Yumi and Fumi Handmade blog. It's my turn to do a tutorial!

Good Thursday morning, everybody! It's Corinne, and it's my turn to show you the no-lines coloring tutorial! It's super fun to do, but also kinda difficult (at first)! You just take those black lines for granted, don't ya? I love how it looks like a painting in the end, but boy, it's quite challenging!


Summer Yumi is featured here, and although it is already Fall, I'm trying to get the most out of this flipflop wearing beauty!

The first thing you have to do is get a light colored ink to stamp with.  I chose Malted Milk from Ranger's Jenni Bowlin series.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Just stamp the image as usual, making sure you've got plenty of light in the room. 


Go ahead and apply color as if you were coloring the image.  Make sure you add the usual shadows and shadings. 


For example, I gave her eye lids, a contoured face, and full cheeks. 


Blend really well.  If you have to, go ahead and keep an image of the black line version close at hand so you know where to put the colors next. 


For me, the most difficult part of the no-lines coloring method is doing the hair.  


I could never get the shadows and highlights done exactly to my liking.


I also like to add a bit of "make-up" as eyeshadow. 


Then, do the rest of the body parts, making sure you keep in mind where your light source is. 


Finish up the clothing and details and voila! 


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  It's always refreshing to try something new :). 


Have a wonderful day!

Team Yumi

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bright and Colorful.

Hi errrr-body!

I'm on a little vacay/ conference for work this week so I thought I'd post about an old card I never showed here.

Here's one from the SOG booth at CHA 2013 - a card I made of Gifty Gwen.


I think bright colored cards are so fun, don't you? They always bring a smile to my face!

I'll see you all later!