Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some wedding planning bliss!

I am in looooooove!! I found my dress and my shoes!

Finding my dress was actually a great's such a cliche' when they say that you know it when you find it. But that's what happened with me. I tried on a total of 4, and actually liked 2. The manager called them in just to find out that my most fave, the darling little lace number would be coming in only 4 days before the big day! I was devastated but talked myself into getting the 2nd dress, signed the contract, and left. 10 minutes later, I get a call , and they said the dress company switched the wedding gowns by mistake! And it was meant to be! I will have my dress! Yay!!

My shoes, too, had a nice ending! I have really wide feet and gone were the days of wearing high shoes. But I didn't want this for my big day, and money wouldn't be an object as long as I get comfortable, but wonderful-looking shoes. I even searched the designer websites to no avail! But one day, my friend and I were shopping at
Santana Row. She was telling me about a posh shoe place that sold comfortable high end shoes, and I told her about this Orthopedic doctor I saw on TV who designed awesome shoes. We were talking about the same place/person! Enter Taryn Rose...I love that store! I found my unconventional and very unique looking wedding shoes...and they were comfortable. You can see my full review of the store at Yelp.

Here's some pages of my work buddies and my nephew.

Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Ugly Outside!

*bleh* I don't feel soo good. Worked my 24 hrs in a 2 hr day period and I'm so tired. And it didn't help that I had to take a benadryl last night because my palms were so itchy and my skin was breaking down. I must be allergic to one of the soap cleansers at work. To top it off, I see the trees outside blowing into ten random directions! The storm must be here...

So, I guess I'm spending another day indoors, but I don't mind with my growing to-do list and all!!

1) Work-out for an hour.
2) Pick out what our hospital is giving for Nurses' Day.
3) Scrap.
4) Pick out 4 entrees for our food tasting at the club.
5) Pick up my wedding invitations.
6) Buy Jonah's gift.
7) Read Love in the Time of Cholera.

8) Cook lunch.
9) Buy more yoga pants...I love to wear these as scrubs.

And here are some lay-outs I finished this week:

Both were done with the January Label Tulip kit plus crackle paint. TFL!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


That's the theme of my day today. I'm stressed out and pissed at some people at work. To turn my anger into some positive enery, I worked out to some kick boxing. The DVD played this song, and the trainer told me to picture people as I did my cross-hook. Perfect!

I'm just gonna keep breathing and thinking positively. No sense in wallowing in other people's bullsh*t!

On a lighter note, I scrapped.
Seeing babies interact is so funny to me...they already have their own personalities! Alexander is a happy-go-lucky dude, while it takes Kyle longer to deliver his smile and trust. Used Label Tulip December Kit, Autumn Leaves, and crackle paint.

OHHHH, and one more thing!! I SO want a photobooth for the wedding!!! It's a sure way to *KNOCK* our guests' socks off!! It'll match our save-the-dates! And I want to incorporate my love of photos into our theme, and it's perfect! But expensive! Good thing I worked 16 hours yesterday!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I scrapped! Used mostly Label Tulip above and Scarlet Lime below.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the Beginning of the New Year

I promise I will be scrapping today! I will...i haven't scrapped since November, and my supplies and kits are growing by the day!

Oh, and this makes me mad and inspires me at the same time. Listen up, peeps. I'm a nurse and have recently finished a retreat where an expert talked about different philosophies/styles of nursing between the Baby-boomers (ages 40 and above), the Gen X-ers (23 to 39), and the Gen Y-ers (under 23). It's the same with scrapbooking!!! Scrapbooking should be your own style! Live with it!!! I feel so bad for Kristina, but am glad she is BACK!

And I'm so excited for the wedding.....yikes!!! 3 months and some days to go! Gotta get cracking with the weight loss thing! I bought this , and

although it was very funny and informative at first,

i could NOT finish it. If you don't want to be a vegan, DO NOT read or buy this. It was truly disturbing, although most of it is probably true!

So, I just invested my time and money on this instead:

I love how you can customize your work-out and everything! And I have to get crackin' folks, because it's crunch time! I have pictures of wedding gowns strewn on my fridge, in the kitchen at the nurses' station at work, on my badge. Basically, it all says, "GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR!" Har har!

Oh, I miss the scrapbooking world! Esp. SIS TV, and my friends Rebecca and even Jo. I hope that even with the wedding planning, I still get to keep up!!

I did make some cards while I was in AZ for a few days. I had a limited supply but was pretty happy with what I did!