Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What NOT to Wear!


I had BIG dreams of paper-piercing my way to the new HOT COUTURE ANYA.

The mixture of Dear Lizzy, Sassafras, and glitter did prove to be hot .... a HOT mess, that is! LOL!

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at what you make. Man, she looks ridiculous!

I thought combining the skirts/ tops of:

1. Ballerina Anya (top, tutu)
2. '80s Anya (skirt, leggings as part of skirt now)
3. WS Dahlia (top and feet)
4. Can-can Anya (not sure what her name is but she's a dancer with the feather in her hair. She makes up the head and arms of the image here).

I even layered the clothes here to make it look realistic....hehehe. But it didn't look right at all. Why, oh why did I also decide to add a ruffled headpiece along with the feather??

And the other day, I caught the tail end of an old "My So-Called Life" episode (you guys remember that?). Claire Danes' BFF there, Ray-anne, had a colored strip of hair, and I was, unfortunately, inspired. That's where the pink highlights came from :).

So, instead of chucking my HOTT MESS Anya into the garbage, I thought I'd just change the title of my card to "What NOT to Wear." Just like the TV show. Instead of the Project Runway inspiration that I envisioned.

I thought I'd still enter my card into TGF's Farm Fashionista Challenge. I'm sure that Marie and Jessica will get a laugh out of it. :) :) :)

The CS are from Bazzill and Neenah. The PP are listed above. The tag is from My Mind's Eye, and I thought this design book stickers from Jolee's is perfect!!

I love that tag -- I used to write down what I wore / would wear back in college so that I wouldn't wear the same outfits twice in one month (DORK!).

Come to think of it, I also do this when I go on vacation... but this time, it's to make sure I have enough clothes, LOL!

Anyway, I hope I made you smile! Thanks for reading this. I think I would've had better luck if I had drawn!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am DONE!

I am done with the 30 day challenge from Oh So Lovely. It was hard but definitely fun to take daily pics with a theme in mind.

Day 24: Smile! My tot and his cousins.

Day 25: Sun Flare.

Day 26: Something old. You can view the whole album here.

Day 27: After dark. See those glowing things on the floor? Those are the lights from the ceiling being reflected off of the wood.

Day 28: Daily routine. Naps (at least for the babies).

Day 29: Something Bought. Blueberry vanilla goat cheese with raisin/ rosemary crackers from Trader Joe's. yum!

Day 30: In motion.

Hmmmm.....which challenge next? :)

A Card for Olivia


Hello, hello!

This card is for a very special little lady. Her name is Olivia. Instead of having her first day of Kindergarten, she has to go through surgery as she was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. :(

Such a beautiful girl... heard that she had been delighted over a few emails wishing her well. Won't you join me in making her feel even better with a homemade card? I found out about her through Yvonne's blog that Olivia's aunt, Stacey, is organizing a card drive. You can find all the information on how to send her a card here.

Being a pediatric nurse, I am often asked how I could do my job and see sick kids everyday. Mind you, it is hard but with time, I've learned to give the best care I could but leave my work at work. Otherwise, I will be a wreck and what good will I be to my patients and family? But what keeps me going are these kids. Children are resilient -- they may have chronic illnesses but put them in playroom and they're just like the healthy kids... full of spunk, a burst of energy, so much laughter! They make my job so rewarding.

In my line of work, I've actually taken care of little ones with brain tumors. It will not be an easy course. These cards will bring Olivia so much hope and her family will feel less alone.

So if you are going to make a card anyway, please think of this special card drive. What I love about this hobby is how we all inspire each other. So I'm hoping that we pass on the word to help those in need in any way, shape, or form. I think crafting is such a wonderful way to express well wishes and spread hope, don't you? :)

Thanks for listening,

Monday, August 29, 2011

G's mini-album

Hi everybody!

We were at my dear hubby's parents' house this past weekend, and I came across this mini album that I made for him. Since I only started blogging about my creations around 2007 or so, I thought I'd show it here. Sort of compare my style then to my style now.

Pardon the quality of the pictures. The lighting was poor and I didn't have much time to edit these photos.

I made this for G for his birthday in 2003-ish. It showcased the past year, our dates, and our friends/fam. As you can see, I loved my embellishments back then too! :)

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Days


It's Saturday, my favorite day of the week! It's just so fun knowing that everybody else looks forward to this day, and that most special occasions occur on this first day of the weekend.

Hope you're all having a great one so far. We are currently with family that we've missed, and we'll be going to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner later so am super excited!

Mattie and Oliver are re-united with their cousins. In fact, it's Oli's first time meeting them. Four kids ages 7 weeks to 4 1/2 years under one roof is chaotic, but it's also a lot of fun! A happy day indeed!

For my card, I am showcasing Swiss Pixie Cupcake Brigitta. She is so much fun to color. But I think I got tired by the time I got to the cupcakes because there aren't much shading there, hehe!

And although it was hard to part with it, I thought the best paper would be this one from the Dear Lizzy Springtime line. Actually, it's fabric ...I just love the scene and texture of it. The items hanging from the branch give it such a happy, whimsical feel. Brigitta is having a grand ole time balancing her cupcakes (and herself on the branch).

Everything is from the DL line except the sentiment and scalloped trim cut-outs (from Echo Park's packaging -- upcycling again :)) and the brads.

See you soon and thanks so much for visiting!

Friday, August 26, 2011

PWCO recipe challenge # 12

Happy T. G. I. Friday, peeps!

Today at PaperWorks Company, it's recipe challenge time!

For the 12th challenge, use this photo as an inspiration:

Here's my take. (I could've sworn there were more orange tones in the pic :)).


I created the scene very much like the photograph. I used Carlos the Crab, from the Aqua Amigos. I incorporated most of the colors of blue, off-white, and pinkish-purple. The pearls symbolize bubbles. I even attempted to make my own seaweed, he he!

The patterned papers are all from Creative Imaginations. The cardstock is from Bazzill and the stamping cs is from Neenah. The decorative cords are from Yasumoto. I used the Tim Holtz mini-stapler and Copics. The pearls are from Martha Stewart.

I hope you all get to play. If you join in on two challenges this month, you have a chance of winning two stamps or the monthly card kit. But you must use a PWCO stamp to qualify (if you need one, go here for a free digi frame.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lessology DT entry

Hello everyone!

My project today features an altered item for the DT call over at Lessology. It's a new challenge blog on upcycling.

I do love to upcycle when I can. My style of upcycling may not be as elaborate as most people's. But it's good to show that it could be done very simply, easily, and fast.

I took my phone case and altered it into a gift certificate holder. (I know, I know...this is my second phone cover. Go here to view the first one I upcycled).

IMG_2033 IMG_2038

I cut some strips of KI Memories' Love Elsie paper and Jolee's stickers and voila!

This is for a family member who have done a phenomenal job losing weight and becoming healthier. For her birthday, I wanted to give her a gift certificate so she could go shopping for new outfits. What's with the theme of swimming, you ask? Well, she lives in Arizona where it's currently 100- 115 degrees during the summer. And she goes swimming on most days. Plus, bikini equals sexiness, am I right? :)

Thank you for visiting! I think it is so important to upcycle. It's so easy to find things around the house that we could all use in our craft. In fact, my favorite item to use is an earring that has lost its pair, and I often use them as charms on my cards or scrapbooking. You can see an example on this post.

Have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Heart Nerds!

Remember this picture?

You'd think that:

1) having spent most of my teen years wearing glasses and braces and...

2) getting teased for said appearance plus ..

3) having good grades would've prevented me from dressing up my kid as a geek. But I just can't help it.

It's one of my favorite pics of MK, and certainly one of my most featured photographs here. I finally decided to scrap it when I saw the perfect line at my LSS. Just look at all of the Geek is Chic galore from Imaginisce down below. That's right. Yay for the underdogs! I'm proud to have been/ still be a nerd!


I added an envelope from a Basically Bare album and tucked in a note. It basically stated how MK put on my new, fake Urban Outfitters frames after he saw me putting my glasses on. He instantly became my nerdy tater tot!


The cardstock is from Bazzill. I also added brads from American Crafts and a miscellaneous ribbon.

The pic on the right was the original, and the one on the left is enhanced using the Half Tone app (see my iPhone apps post). Speaking of iPhone apps, these photographs came to my door by way of postal pix. You choose which mobile pictures and which sizes to buy all by just clicking away on your phone. Some pics did come out cropped wrong and this one was printed backwards. But other than that, I'd recommend them. They made it very convenient! I think I'll be scrapping more!

Onto my 30 Day Photo Challenge from Oh So Lovely:

(Shown backwards)

Day 23- Sunset. I was thinking of cheating and putting in the sunset beach picture I took in Hawaii but I guess this is pretty too.

Day 22- Trees.

Day 21- Cool pattern.

Day 20- What I read. Yes, I know...that is from my phone. I do miss flipping the page of a real book.

Day 19- Where I slept.


P.S. Amy, I'm sure you'll love that cut-out on the very top right of the page of my lay-out. :) :) :)