Saturday, October 20, 2007

Almost Over

I love filling in online surveys. Especially on my MySpace. There's always this question that asks: "When was the last time you cried?" And for the longest time, I'd put, "Don't remember." For the last 7 days though, I've counted 6.

This has been an awful week. I can't wait till it's over and done with. My friends who got into a car accident are slowly recovering. It's a slow process, but they are hanging in there. So then I breathe a sigh of relief. My other friend tried to end life. This person is getting help so I wipe away tears. Work has been stressful with our changing to computerized charting. I had to come in for an extra workday on top of it all. But I've become optimistic about this change--that this temporary difficulty will benefit us all in the end. Another hardship was finding out one of my bff's dad has colon cancer, a disease that took the life of my dear Aunt Aida. But unlike hers, the diagnosis was Stage I and so I'm hopeful for their family.

But the end of this has finally come, and it's a happy kind of stress!
Who knew a nail salon would be so therapeutic?? And THEY are finally getting married today! Hence, that's why i'm up at freakin' 5 am to do some scrapping and blogging!!! And of course, I'm glad that mi amigas from afar are back for the weekend!!

Then, yesterday was the 6 month mark for my own wedding!!! Yay!! My friend's wedding will serve as the "trial" one & I'm a-taking lots of notes! And I'm so drooling over this. And this. I think I'll be getting one of these Tarina Tarantino's bridal HK collection!!

Speaking of weddings, here's a gift for a friend..not quite done, but thought I'd start posting it. And toot for me! I won the Sassafras Contest at A Million Memories. Whoot whoo!!! *jumping for joy!*

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Life is precious. It truly is. A few of my friends are having a tough time right now. And I have been teary-eyed on and off since Saturday for them. I've been praying to God that no matter what, their amazing spirit should not be defeated. And for them to keep fighting. And that something tragic like this really puts your life into perspective. Like who cares if I didn't make it on Reminisce's DT? Or that I still don't have my wedding dress??

To SW, JA, and MS!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Loser?? Winner!!!

I didn't win this but I did win something here!

A runner-up at the Kristina Contes' contest (haha!) isn't so bad, esp when I get a free kit at Cocoa Daisy.

It's raining right now, and I'm too lazy to put on shoes to get my phone in my car and my mail. All this rain is making me wanna curl up with my current book, shown here. But, there are too many things to do on this girl's things to do list. Must do them before the weekend--it is my weekend to work, bummer! I would so love to go to this but there is truly no chance to get the day off. Anyway, today, I have to do laundry, exercise, wrap gifts, finalize guest list, write invitation draft, take save-the-date pics, watch a movie, and then go to date night! Da-yammmm!!!

Managed to do this one today:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Crossing my fingers for the contest *crosses fingers and makes sign of the cross*. (You, too, please!).

I would love, LOVE to win a design spot or even just a gift certificate to their products. I love the wedding line...I could totally use those papers for my wedding!!

Speaking of the wedding, I booked my cake, invitations, AND videographer ALL in two days! I'm also thinking about getting a coordinator for the day. I'm so freaking excited!! I'm really starting to love all this planning! And my sis tells me the BIG REVEAL of our wedding site is almost here!!!

Anyway, here are some Reminisce goodness:

Mini-Halloween / Birthday book....

...and some lay-outs:

Friday, October 5, 2007

Moving on.....

Didn't quite make it to Round 2 on LSS, but I wasn't happy with my l.o. anyway. I also didn't make the AMM's Design Team but I was more sad about LSS. I understand now that things happen for a reason, and I'm still happy about what's going on in my life right now...

I'm featured in Ready, Set, Create's October / November e-zine! Toot for me!! And I've lost 7.5 lbs!! And our engagement party is tomorrow!!
Countdown to the wedding!!! 6 months and 14 days to go!! Whoot-whooo!! Can't wait to celebrate us! Here's a pic of the favors I made.

Here are some projects and l.o.'s that I could finally post. The mini-album is made mostly from Cocoa Daisy's September kit. The l.o.'s are from SOML's Aloha kit. TFL!!