Saturday, June 29, 2013

Great Gatsby Guy and Girl.


Hi all! Sorry, I've been quiet in blogland for a bit, but I am doing quite well relaxing on my staycation that I've forgotten my usual to-do lists.... ooops!

But it's Saturday, and I do have a card featuring another June release from Time for Tea Designs. Y'all know my love for Great Gatsby, so it was only natural that I felt excited when I saw this pair from Jo's stamps!

I decided to leave Great Gatsby Guy in an all white tuxedo number because only Gatsby can pull that off. I colored Great Gatsby Girl up in this rich blue. It almost looks velvet, doesn't it?

Jo has got a great deal going on - buy any stamp from etsy store and you get her "Anyone for Tennis" new release -- she is so cute!! You only have till the weekend to get her though. So act quickly!

I looked for some bling and vintage items to finish this card off. And voila!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wedding Belle.

**Please pardon the appearance of my blog. It is currently going under some construction.***


Hello there!

It's a gorgeous Saturday morning here in the Bay Area, and I'm happy to show you another June release from Time for Tea Designs. I think Wedding Belle is probably one of my favorite T4TD stamps (coming in close to Fall Love and Happy Birthday).

I just loved coloring her hair. Her gown and face are gorgeous as well! I was able to use a bunch of scraps so I was super excited! I decided that I needed lots of embellies for this card!


Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wish You Were Here Mae.


Hello hello hello!

Here's this week's last showcase of SOG's newest clear stamps! Here's Miss You Mae!

Isn't she cute? And her dress is unbelievable!!!

I am loving the color combo of yellow and gray (and even more so, mint and gray). I really love these flower cut-outs and how easily you can create dimension by curving their petals up.


I am really enjoying putting "make-up" on stamps - this one wasn't quite as good of a job on smoky eyes though :). And do you see the matching flowers above? They came with the stamp set! Hope you go back to the SOG blog on WYWM! There's so much beautiful inspiration!!

Peace out!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Under the Sea.

To see the new SOG clear stamp release of BE YOU, please go to this post or scroll down.


In addition to the new clear stamps this week at Some Odd Girl, I also have a digi release to show ya. Two, in fact! Here's Sing Song Mae and a background digi of Reef.

I combined them into one image using Microsoft Word to make a scene.


Anybody recognize that 'vintage' sea paper? It's from Sassafras, and I'm guessing it's from around 2007 or earlier! In fact, here's another project post with this line from 2011. I really love it for ocean-themed creations!

This card is pretty huge as I wanted details of both stamps to show. I added embellies of sequins and seahorses, and left it without a sentiment. I'm sure you've noticed that I tend to do this. I like to be able to give my cards for lots of different occasions!


See you back here tomorrow for the last release of the week!

Be You.


Hello again, folks!!

Today, I'm showing you another SOG clear stamp release: Be You.

It is a sentiment stamp set. On my card, it is the ribbon on the right (the tail was paper-pierced). The stamp set also includes the strip of hearts towards the bottom. I also used Fan here. Isn't she beautiful? Most of the time, I wish I can apply make-up to my face the way I can color "make-up" to my SOG images. :)


Here's a closer look to the main Be You stamp. I blurred the rest of the image to make it stand out.


See ya here tomorrow! Same time, same place for another release!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dare to Be Gwen.


Hope you all had a lovely Father's Day weekend!

Some Odd Girl is releasing some gorgeous clear stamps this week. Here's Dare to Be Gwen, and I decided to try a different style with my cards.

I am often intrigued by fashion and the latest trends. Wanted to incorporate the very clean look of black and white and a pop of color. Also, wanted to mix up textures of hard and soft and combine hard with soft.


Doesn't Dare to be Gwen look like a lovely Latina?

Please stop by the SOG blog today and see the other DT's creations. I promise you'll be inspired! And then why not stop by the store and buy her? :)


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Card for my Father-In-Law.


Good Saturday morning to ya!

It's time to showcase a new releases from Time for Tea Designs. Isn't Dad Jumper perfect for a Father's Day card? I love his sweater! :)

I made this card for my Father-in-Law because he wears sweaters like these! Jo also has wonderful Father's Day sentiments in her shop but I had a printer mishap and couldn't include any unfortunately.

If you buy anything from her store until mid-day today, you can get free printables. See more info on her post.


I love his expression and stance. They totally match my FIL's easy-going personality. And he's always smiling too!

Hope you all have a Happy Father's Day weekend!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Girly Girl Anya.


Hiya, folks!!

I have been wanting to play with my TGF Stamps for a while now. And their Garden Variety Tuesday's Challenge of Girly Girl is happening right now, and this card is kudos for it!

I've taken Holiday Anya 2, and given her a l'il hair cut for a dearie who's battling cancer right now. But things are looking up, and she is celebrating another special occasion right now! And I think Allison Kreft's papers and ribbons are just perfect for Summertime and lifting spirits.

And, of course, Cathy's felt flowers bring the most amazing feminine touches! Check out her beautiful store.


I'll see you back her tomorrow, peeps! Hugs and kisses!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sneaky and Pouty.


Hey all!

It's new digi release Tuesday at Some Odd Girl! Isn't Sneaky Boy Tobie super cute? I know he is supposed to be bad, but I fashioned him after my eldest who just happens to have a sweet side too!

So not only does he have rainboots, and a cute caterpillar, he also has a dog and spiders! :)


And while we are on the topic of a sour and sweet side, here's Pouty Tobie:


If the first one was like my eldest, then he's like my second son. Oliver is supposed to mean "peaceful" but let's just say he is going through the terrible two's right now. Frowning is a common facial expression. Too bad because he is so cute!

For my Pouting Tobie card, he is mad because it's naptime and he wants to play with all of his dino toys!


Alright, folks, it's time for me to skidaddle! I'll see ya soon!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Snorkle Tobie in Hawaii!


Good Monday mornin' to ya! On my neck of the woods, it's not quite a Manic Monday since I'm off! LOL!

Today launches Some Odd Girl's featured digi - Snorkle Tobie. Snorkle Tobie will be on sale for 35% off for the next two weeks so go grab him! He's perfect for your summer adventures!

I decided to do something a bit different and use him on a scrapbook layout. It's been awhile since I did one of those! Here's MK on the beach of Waikiki from a couple of years ago. Doesn't he look so cute, still so chunky and small?!


And look at that smirky facial expression, hahahahaha!!!! Love it!!

See you tomorrow for more SOG fun!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Moving Day!


Good Saturday mornin' to ya!!

I've got a new card for Time for Tea Designs today! She is Moving Day, and she would be perfect for a Congratulations card for a new home. Or you can send her to someone who's moving up on the career ladder or retiring! She'd also be cute on a "Here's our new address" card!

I bought that new Fiskars hexagon punch, and I love it! It's the kind that you squeeze and not pound on so it's very easy! And I got it on sale, yay! I may go back for the bigger one tomorrow! :)

I was going to originally make a card for my hubby who's just starting a new job after leaving his old job of many years. But I really love these hanger stickers from Basic Grey.


Have a funtabulous weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Cave and a Ride.

**Please scroll down for my Hair Raising Challenge for Ning post and my SOG meets Project Life post.**

Hi all!

It's time for some new digi releases! Aren't you loving how often Some Odd Girl is having these?

When I first saw Man Cave, I thought this one is perfect for my hubby come Father's Day!


Don't ya just love the scene? I'm glad SOG have them now! Anyway, my hubby would love to have a room to himself like this! I added All Star Kody there for him, but shhhh, he actually ended up looking like one of my old crushes (oops!). It's not really my fault - my hubby has more of a buzz cut!

I went with the whole "Man" theme - their places usually look somewhat like college dorms or a first apartment. So I made the sofa look old, and I colored up that carpet a tacky green :). But I did add all those latest electronic stuff!


And let's not stop there. I have not one, but two digis to show you today! Piggie BackRide Tobie could be for Father's Day too!


My older son is scared of heights so I guess this is Oli in the picture :). I made this one for either my Dad or Father-In-Law.


Peace out!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hair Raising Challenge at Ning!

***If you're here for my SOG Project Life post, please scroll down or click HERE for it.***


My favorite Disney Princess is The Little Mermaid. I remember being enamoured by the movie when it first came out. And it was exciting because I had gone to see it with my then best friend and our parents let us sit in the theater by ourselves. I know pretty much all the words to the songs even to this day. And it really warms my heart because my tater tots love the movie now too. Their eyes get big and light up when I sing the songs...they are AMAZED that I know them by heart! hehe...

So when I signed up to do the Hair Raising Challenge at the Ning Community for Some Odd Girl, I thought I'd finally color up one of the mermaids from Under the Sea Mae.

The Ning Challenge is to make the HAIR stand out. Either color up an image with prominent hair (like SOG's Rapunzel or make it very unique. I chose the latter and wanted to do sort of an ombre effect. And I thought with the mermaid, it'd be perfect because the non-traditional colors would look so cool and very sea-like.

I also knew that I wanted to make a scene and was very much ecstatic that I still had some of Traci Bautista's painted papers! Before she became an author and made it big, Traci used to sell these art kits full of artful goodies she made herself. They even included some ephemera she found and painted or altered herself. Anyway, she painted this paper and that is the background you see. Isn't it beautiful and doesn't it look just like the ocean?


I think I like the card opened up to show depth and dimension of the scenic card. I regretted folding it and if you squint, you can see that line in the middle :).

The paper on the bottom is a dyed paper towel, also courtesy of Traci. I added lines of sequins because they remind me of fish scales!


But back to the task at hand, I wanted her hair to also show the light reflections under the water. I think she is super gorgeous! Hope you can join in on the challenge. It runs till the ninth!

And now back to singing...

Look at this stuff,
Isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think
My collection's complete?......

Project Life Meets Some Odd Girl.

Hello, lovely peeps!

I wrote today's scrapbooking tutorial on the Some Odd Girl's Blog today. I hope you check it out!

My assignment was to scrap and write about how to use SOG images on Project Life! I really love incorporating both my loves for scrapbooking and stamping/ coloring, so I enjoyed this project to the moon and back!

This page was from our anniversary week. I love how SOG has so many characters and sentiments that you can really tailor to whatever you have going on in your life!


For the next two pics, I stamped using Neon ink.


This sentiment "forever and always" and the mini hearts (center card) are from Love Me Not Mae.


The heart on the green card is from Flirty Mae. The image below, which is stamped directly on a journal card is also Flirty Mae.


For the next two pics, I made my own title card. The title card, as you know, usually states the Week documented. I used Katie's tutorial again, and printed them all on one cardstock, colored Scooter Mae with Copics, and used Mr. Huey neon mists on that left upper corner.


I wasn't planning on the spray effect looking like sun beams / flare but I really like how it came out.


Then, you probably already saw that I am OBSESSED with the Great Gatsby from this post. Here, I wanted to document the movie and what I loved from it -- depicted here was mainly the style and fashion of that decade.


I was lucky enough to find sparkly papers and embellies. I sewed on some sequins and included my movie stubs. I used 1920a Kody and Flapper Kaylee again, but this time, I left them uncolored for a more classic effect and to make the bling stand out!


Then, lastly, I talked about I tend to take pictures of colored images. Here, I used it on a journal card and left the original one for a card. You can truly make the most out of your time! And with the first pic above, I include pics of my cards so that I have them in PL even if I've given them away :).


You probably already know how I feel about Project Life. As you can see, I documented big events and everyday life. And SOG stamps and images are perfect for it!!!

See y'all very soon!