Thursday, September 27, 2007

So grateful.

I got a glimpse of what my sis started with our wedding page. She studied graphic design, and have done an awesome job with our site!! Gil and I want to get her something special...either this:

or a camera. The problem is, both are truly expensive. And my other sis said it wasn't a good idea. But I feel bad because my sis is doing so much for our wedding!! She even researched scrapbooking because she wanted the site to have that theme...I love her!!!

Then, I decided to go to the conference here. Two of my dear friends made it possible so I'm made them these as thank you's:

Both mini-books were made with Love, Elsie's Lola and Riley and Imagination Project (I love their coasters!).

Then, here's Dare #2...a little early, but I figured if I had the time, might as well scrap! My safe place is Hawaii!!! Wanted a chaotic backdrop and calming center.

Then, here's a tribute to Suzy, my fave LSS Owner. TFL!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's been a Great Scrappin' and Tootin' Day!

..Well, at least during the last couple of days!

This l.o. got picked to be
AMM's Lay-Out of the Day!!
I'm so happy! It's my first LOTD at that site. But I feel bad that everyone thought he was my baby!! I should've written a description, but sometimes I just get lazy! Sorry, Jo, and thanks for pointing my toot out!

Then, I entered Last Scrapper Standing by the efferdares girls.
The challenge was to use at least 8 TRANSPARENCIES!!!! Boy, was that hard for me! But I managed to do it and I hope the Dares girls like it, too! I decided to use Jonah again (BTW, he is my Godson, Jo's son). I always imagine that babies are so curious because they see a very bright and colorful world in the beginning. And my l.o. IS fun and full of color. The transparencies I used (I actually used 11!) were from Hambly, from SIS TV's I*heart*Candytown collection folder/see-through paper, a transparency I painted with acrylic paint, a home-made "shaker box" from a packaging material. I also used embellies from SOML's 80's kit. I really hope I make it! They had us post it at Flickr, and all of the other entries were so good!! To my surprise, I've surpassed the number of photos allowed in flickr's free account. I actually have to pay now to upload my pics!

Another challenge I did was to do a dare a week with Jo according to the We Dare You book. This week's challenge was Positive Self-Talk.
I used mostly Label Tulip here and the journaling is spelled out on here:

The lay-out was also featured on the Kitten Walk. Yay for me!!! Whoot-woo!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Recovering from the AWESOME weekend!!

Oh boy, was I glad when J from staffing said I could have an A-day (when there are more nurses than patients and you get part of the day off)! That meant I get to sleep in after having 4 hours of sleep! I just couldn't sleep till 1 am because my internal clock got all screwed a good way!

It started out with P's bridal shower, and it was laid back and fun! My fellow bridesmaids and I were nervous, but it worked out! P had a lot of fun and all my hard work totally paid off!!

Then, onto the WILD part of the night: the bachelorette party!! After a 20 minute nap, I changed and headed to the city to the Clift Hotel, where one of the MOH's friends totally hooked us up! The pics are kinda racy but I will post this "innocent" one in the elevator:
It has been a long time since I went clubbing with the girls, and it was very unforgettable!! It sure got me thinking about what I'd like with mine! And, boy, do I have some risky pics to scrap! Too bad I can't post them here! *wink*

Then, as if the weekend couldn't get any better...Jo told me she had extra tickets for JUSTIN!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! It was so freakin' awesome at the concert!
I would LOVE, LOVE to have a camera like Caroline's (and her mad photographic skills) to take pics of JT!!!! Thanks so much, Jo!!!

In the midst of it all, my PTO bank (I got paid for this day off) is depleting and I scrapped some goodness:

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I so want to do lots of things that I can't afford!! Have got to give up so much for the WB (wedding budget), and I really need to stick to my will power! Maybe if I lay low with scrapbooking kits and supplies, I'd get to do these:

1) Justin Timberlake is having a concert this Sunday in the Bay!! I was working on the first concert date, but he rescheduled and now, I'm off!! But I really must not give in!! Oh, he is so dang SEXAY!!!!

2) There is a work convention in the Big Island this November, and originally, I was gonna go. But with the wedding list number increasing, the WB goes up, too! So Fiance and I decided not to go this year. My friends, W and M are going though. And they keep saying that it wouldn't be the same without me. That this will be our last trip together as single women. That all I have to worry about is the plane tickets because they'll pay for our shared hotel. That they don't mind if I snore, they'll still allow me in their beds. That we'll eat everyday at McD's if we have to to save mula!! Such great friends, but I gotta stick to my compromise with the Fiance. Especially when he found out their deal didn't include him :).

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Yes, I could've really done these if I really sacrificed and saved! Last month, I was so bad...I think I bought like 5 or 6 scrapbooking kits. I need to cut down and go back to 3 or 4. Now if only those kit companies accept me as part of their Design Team, then I'll be so happy. I'll get to keep free stuff AND scrapbook!!! Cuz I sure do scrap a lot!!

Sassafrass Lass, Hambly, Heidi Swapp tape and bling, Sanford Pen.

Basic Grey goodness, Scenic Route, Prima flowers, Hambly, Heidi Swapp tape, Sanford Pen.

Used Studio Calico Sept kit.

SOML Sept kit for above and below.

Used Basic Grey pp, Heidi Swapp tape and ribbons, Prima flowers, Stampin' Up ink, American Crafts marker, Sanford Pen, Other-Tag.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yay for moi!!

Got on the CatWalk this week at SIS TV! Whoot-whoo for me!! Yay! That totally made my day!

It motivated me to get some projects and scrapping done! And, boy, did I get a lot done today!!

First, here are the (unfinished) favors for one of my bff's, P's bridal shower: Her colors are mostly green with touches of purple. The colors here don't exactly match but I think they still go well together. Her reception will be a Chinese Banquet so I got Chinese take-out containers. These were actually holders for paperclips and erasers!! Each label is a bit different from the one before. In the back is a pic of her and her fiance, A. I hope she (and her guests) like them! Inside will have lipgloss, nail polish, and candy, plus some wedding-themed confetti.

Then, I got a lot of scrapping done! Thanks for looking!! Made out of goodies from
Studio Calico and Cocoa Daisy.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Trying to be Super fast!!

..with posting this blog. I just got out of the shower, and lately, I find myself going on the computer in between my primping! So while I'm waiting for my moisturizer to kick in and for my straightening iron to warm up, I'll blog for a bit.

Not up to much but I have to say that I can't
put this book down! It has given me so many ideas--like taking pics of my beauty and hygiene stuff and scrapping about getting ready (I've got it down to a system!). I CANNOT wait to scrap out of the usual box!

In the meantime, here's what I've been up to.
The first two are cards, made from the September Cocoa Daisy kit. The last two are from Zingboom (love all their vintage stuff!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And it's over....

Dang!!! 12 days of vacay are gone, just like that! Today is my last official day off before I have to go back to work, and I still have lots to do!! But I told myself to limit it because I want to relax today! How do I do that??

1) Well, for starters, I'm going to finish the rest of the Desperate Housewives, Season 3 DVD's.
These women will stop at nothing to get what they want, and it so unbelievable and full of drama! But the show is

2) While watching the show, I'm going to scrap and/or finish doing my Daily Candy Cards. I think I ended with September 5th.

3) I also will flip through wedding magazines for more ideas and images. I'm really bummed out that I didn't do more planning during my vacation. Plus, the florist that I really wanted isn't available for my wedding date. Phooeeey!!! Throughout this whole wedding planning biz, I find myself trying to compromise on which part I should really budget on. But being detail-oriented proves to be difficult as I find myself pondering over flowers and invitations and decorations. I can't decide!! Maybe it's invitations? I'm truly scared that after Gil and I spend money on invites, people may just throw them away (?) ----*GASP!* But they do showcase what the wedding will be like, so I do want something classy and beautiful! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

But, let me take in a deep breath!!! After all, I am supposed to be relaxing today! Maybe I'll turn off my phone and computer for awhile after this.....

Here are some cards and a lay-out from the previous days:

Made from A Million Memories Kit, these Rusty Pickle, Hambly, and Heidi Swapp goodies were perfect for my pirate pics *ARRRRRR!!!!

And then, the following 4 cards were made from the bits and scraps left over from July Label Tulip, SOML, and I *heart Candy Collection from SIS TV.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pump it Up!!

I'm so proud of myself. Today, I worked out for about an hour and ten minutes!!! Yay! It was hard, but I feel so good with all the heightened endorphines. Thought I'd blog about it!!

I did Turbo Jam, which I enjoyed. It's a mixture of dance, kickboxing, and sculpting! I really love to dance so it was awesome! Chalene pumps you up and her joyous personality is contagious!

Then, I worked out to Tahitian Cardio! I took Hula and Tahitian last year, and I fell in love with it!! This one is supposed to be an all body work-out, but it didn't feel like that at all (in a good way).

I'm glad I found ways to work out and have fun with them! Hopefully, they'll motivate me to keep at it because I have:

It's actually 11 more days now! My wedding is coming up, and I so want to look good in the dress of my dreams!

So now it's 4 pm, and Fiance and I are looking for something to do outside of the house that doesn't cost much money. It is Saturday after all, and the weather looks great outside. Maybe we'll drive to San Francisco and hang out at Pier 39. But parking in the city costs mucho mula so that's out!!

Speaking of the city, if any of you know of a great spot for engagement pics in SF, please let me know. I told our photographer, Gene that I originally wanted Baker Beach but it seems like every couple who's getting married gets their EP taken there so forget it! I like to be unique. We'll definitely pick Pier 39 for sentimental reasons, but I would also LOVE to get shots of the city.

Anyway, tried scrapping but I wasn't very motivated. Maybe tonight. Here are the lay-outs I worked on yesterday.

Oh, and this totally opened my eyes and made me smile! SAH-WEET!! Bernadette is soooo right on the money!!!