Friday, March 30, 2007

Ok, ok...I give in. I'm starting this blog at the request of my bff, Jo. I'm just worried that:

a. it'll take me away from scrapping, doing my taxes, and cleaning my house--everything I need to do before Easter.

b. it'll be yet another website i'm addicted to.

c. i'll be too open with my private life with strangers.

I know the pros of this site. It'll give me a chance to record my daily life pertinent to scrapbooking. It'll give Jo a chance to view what I've been doing. Plus, I do like to write in a diary. The problem is I love to write in my current idea book (see pictures). I got it from Traci Bautista, my idol. I draw and write in. But I will make a compromise and start this. Afterall, I'm a little tired of carrying my album to show people what I've been doing. Thanks, Jo!! Tune in later for my layouts!