Sunday, July 31, 2011

ABAC- Charlotte's Gift Card Holder


Happy Sunday, everybody!

Today marks my last time to do an ABAC (Anything But a Card) project at PWCO for a while. I'll be moving on to a different assignment for the month of August.

As I am a big fan of upcycling, I decorated this case for a phone cover to be a gift card holder. I liked how the cover was clear .. that meant I could also embellish the inside and it would show.

For the main image, I decided to use some of the Love Freckle Stamps that are on the sale (blow-out) section of PWCO. Charlotte and her sweets are so adorable. This gift is perfect for my niece!


Stamp- Love Freckle Stamps -
Sweets from Charlotte (from Little Loud Stamps, found in the blow-out section at PWCO).

PP- American Craft's Dear Lizzy.

Flowers- Reminisce.

Thanks for visiting, folks!

A Week In Rinne's Life - Day 5

It's Saturday, July 30th, and I'm on my fifth day of A Week in the Life. The day consisted of:

1. Fun in the bath.

2. Cute shoes for boys.

3. Going to my parents' for lunch.

4. My mom cooked food tailored for post-partum women/ milk-production. Lots of soupy dishes with veggies and protein, mussels.

5. Blurry pic of my mom giving Mattie a piggy back ride.

6. Going to my LSS and meeting up with Suzy, Ashley, and Jo (who hooked me up with a ride! Thanks, girlie!).

7. Buying some cupcakes. I got to taste the chocolate with strawberry mousse and a vanilla with ganache.

8. Then, tagged along some more with Jo and her daughter, M, and picked up some dinner at my favorite Hawaiian joint.

9. M is sooo adorable!

10. Home with my boys (the little one has a lot of gas :().

XO & please stay tuned for my other post today (an ABAC creation!),

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Year Older


I don't know about you, but there are times when I color my images first and then pick out my paper and embellishments. Then there are other times when I have my 'vision' for the card and then color accordingly.

In this case, I picked the card elements last. But to my surprise, the balloon stickers (on the left, the more muted/ smaller balloons that are not popped out) matched the balloons on the image. Ahhhhh, it was meant to be!! :):):)

Stamp- C.C. Designs Swiss Pixie Birthday Gretel Rubber Stamp
PP- Bella Blvd (dots). Basic Grey (orange with people).
Stickers- Basic Grey.

Have a great day! See you in a bit for my 'A Week in the Life.'

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Week in Rinne's Life - Day 4.

Oh boy, was I slacking yesterday...

For my fourth day (7/29) of A Week in the Life, I barely took pictures. It was a hot and lazy day.

The day consisted of playing with the neighborhood kids, watching Project Runway season 9, eating left-overs, and taking over the living room to craft.

See you back here tomorrow!

A Week in Rinne's Life - Day Three

My third day with A Week in The Life - 7/28/11. Wish my pics were as good as Ali Edwards' but these'll have to do.

I'm starting to take less and less pics but then again, this was a pretty uneventful day. Didn't take any shots with my iPhone this time. The last pictures were taken with our point and shoot though.

Becoming more independent with eating.

... still spilling some milk though...

DH's turn to cook.

Stop taking pictures already, Mommy! I'm cold!

Outfit one. And then, I pooped all over.

Outfit two :).

My sis comes over to play with the tater tot.

Then read to him and tried to put him down for a nap.

Blurry pic of the l'il one's dimple.

If I get to color one image or make one card per day, I'm happy.

Off to my parents' house for a mini-family reunion.

My Tita (Auntie) is here from Canada!

Future architect?? Or engineer?

My other Auntie - first time meeting Oliver.

Playing with Apollo, my other sister's doggie.

Got stuck in the toy bin! LOL!

Thanks for visiting,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Week in Rinne's Life - Day Two

A Week In Rinne's Life Day Two (project inspired by Ali Edwards). 7/27/11. I'll keep the captions short as it is photo-heavy again. The photos aren't in order -- it was too hard to upload from both the SLR and iphone and then have to re-arrange.

Waking up.

Eggplant omelet - don't knock it till you try it.

Rough playing.

Homemade O.J.

Love this monitor.

Playing with shadows.

Boil eggplants. Add to egg mixture with salt/ pepper.

Wanna help put those items behind you away?

My in-laws came to visit.

For a new baby in the family.

Discovered an unwatched season of Project Runway at 5 am while nursing.

Those dang funny pants again.

Self portrait in the bathroom again. Actually put on make-up today.

Me and hubby out on a drive by ourselves.

Got some Tapioca Express drinks. (milk teas for both of us).

Take one.

Take two.

At the hospital to see my brother's new family.

Love my new baby niece!

Errands while in-laws are baby-sitting: Groceries.

Stopped at the local video store.

Pretended to nap so the tater tot would.

Look of satiety.

Look of passing gas :).

Presents from a sweet friend.

Mattie dancing while we watch So You Think You Can Dance.