Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm bad

The new Harry Potter comes out tonight....

..So my sis decides to dress up her puppy, my dog nephew, into Harry. My camera ran out of batteries before

she could put on the burgundy and gold tie. Ha ha!! *LOL* It was so funny. The "glasses" were pipe cleaners but Apollo did not like them at all!! We had to bribe him with doggie treats!!

Anyway, I'd love, LOVE to stay up and buy the book and read it till morn'...but unfortunately, I have PALS tomorrow...It's the Pediatric Advanced Life Support classes that are now mandatory for my job!! I really should be studying but I couldn't help but scrap a few pages:

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Caroline said...

too cute!
i shoot with a Nikno D50 :) (you asked on my blog)