Monday, December 20, 2010

Tiny, simple bits...


Good festive Holiday week to y'all!

I hope you are all ready for the holidays! I know I'm rushing on my days off to go grocery shopping, finish wrappping presents, and *gasp* make Christmas cards! I even sneak off during work (when it's not busy of course) to write my things-to-do, things-to-shop-for lists.

Today, I wanted to share what I made last week. We had our Holiday party at work, and I wanted to contribute by crafting. These tiny bits were supposed to be favor tags. But they ended up too big for them, and didn't match the favors' designs. So I adhered each one to individual cardstock to make simple Christmas cards.

But silly, forgetful me was rushing out the door. I forgot to take a picture of one and also forgot to take one for myself. Haha!

See you soon!


Amy said...

These are so cute and fun! I'm glad your quick thinking saved them by becoming cards!

Lalo aka "missbliss" said...

These are cute & fun...tags or cards :)
love the funky paper!!!