Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ice Cream and Pickles.


Hello peeps!

Even though my sis' baby shower theme was Harry Potter, I just could not alter Hermoine (from yesterday's post) to look pregnant. One, because a book was covering her tummy. And two, I didn't want to change the story! :). Cuz that would be kinda weird. LOL.

So I colored up Ice Cream and Pickles from Saturated Canary. I just love her! Her hair didn't turn out as I expected but it was so much fun coloring nonetheless.

It captured the "glow" of pregnancy beautifully - that is, minus the wide nose, double chin, and extra back fat you gain. LMAO!!! Haha!



1 comment:

eva said...

awww, sweet card! makes me not wanna be pregnant again. hehe.