Thursday, July 23, 2009


I love this store! Been coming here for years to buy clothes and toys as presents for the many kids in my life (I have like 10 Godchildren!). So now I finally get to shop here for my very own child! They've got some cute stuff and I always overspend. I know that I probably shouldn't spend so much on baby clothes because Mattie will grow out of them so fast. But I figured I'll keep a few pieces forever. And if he gets to look cute AND unique, why not? :)

Now a friend had told me that although baby girls often have the cuter clothes, little boys do too. But it's kinda limited- you either dress your boys like a "skater dude" or "mr. preppy." But this store allows me to party with my lil (faux- hawk sportin') "rock Starr!" Check out the GOLD shoes and Beatles shirt on this guy!

I SO want to play with my recent goodies from here and especially from here. But, ALAS, I have to put my job first and study for PALS. I'm a lil (ok, more than a little) bummed that I have to take the class/ get re-certified during my leave but I know it's very important to keep up with my emergency skills. I'm really nervous, too, of how I'll be able to participate in an intense class with the lack of sleep (& caffeine)...y'know, due to the newborn babe and all. Ahh, and the thought of pumping in my car....*YIKES!* Anyway, I took the pre-assessment tests and I did well. I remembered a lot from the course two years ago. Yay me!

Thanks for visiting! Hopefully, after PALS, I'll have some cards and lay-outs to post! :)

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