Saturday, July 18, 2009

the two most important events of my life...

happened in the past year and three months and I have NOT scrapped either one!!
Two of the happiest moments in my life were getting married and becoming a mama!

Maybe it's because I'm overwhelmed. Or just plain busy (being wifey and mommy are no joke!!). BFF, Jo, has been a great inspiration...and has been yelling at me for the past year to get started! :)

Aside from Joboogie, I've also been inspired with Amber's and Cathy's birth lay-outs. I would love to do my own. It might even be the first one I create.

I took notes during my labor-- like the anal *AHEM* I mean, organized RN that I am. But it wasn't the time the pitocin was hung or my membranes ruptured that interest me. It's how I felt hearing Matthew's first cry or how soft his cheek felt next to mine. I would never want to forget those moments and I would love for Mattie to be able to know how I felt. *sighs* I'm tearing up just thinking about it..

Anyway, thanks to Jo, I've discovered and am so very excited to get these bits of goodness!!!

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!!

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jo said...

Yes, girl! We NEED to get our mojo going and SCRAP!!! Too many memories are left undocumented, right? :)

Pray for my first night back to work and hope it's not too crazy!

Love ya!