Friday, September 3, 2010

Twisted Sister Larkspur


TGIF! I'm not sure what you all are doing for the Labor Day weekend, but I, for one, am excited! You see, as a nurse, I am scheduled every other weekend. This weekend is my weekend "off." Actually, I am lucky enough to have four days off...yay!

So today is the fourth day of the Sweet November Twisted Sisters' sneak peeks. They are made by Amy Young and will be available at ATS this coming Monday, the 6th (Labor Day!).

When I first saw/ heard that these cutie Twisted fairies are named after flowers, I googled them. I found out that larkspurs are purple and complex.

On this card, Larkspur is being insecure about her bat wings as all the other fairies have the delicate ones like the butterflies.' She forgets that her bat wings are strong and tough, making the Twisted Sisters excellent fliers. This is especially important during the night when it is harder to see their enemies in the forest.

You see, Larkspur has no reason to be jealous of her fellow fairies. She is tall and graceful and her dress blooms out loosely just like her namesake. Another lesson learned here, folks. Love your uniqueness.

**my, my, I sure have an active imagination. ***

Used some supplies from my Taylored Expressions August kit (butterfly PP and punched out embellies). I really like the effect of how those three butterflies blend into the background. I made the flower out of some kol laj tissue paper. Other kol laj items are the stamped-on clay in the middle of the flower, the sentiment, and the painted paper.

The card is really busy but I really like how the different textures came out!
Amy, Traci, and Rachel have more sneak peeks of Larkspur in their blogs. I am enjoying how each one of us is showcasing the Twisted Sisters -- I hope you are too!

Have a great Friday and I'll see you tomorrow for our last Twisted Fairy!


Amy said...

Oh Rinne, you've got me grinning from ear to ear... how funny that you googled their namesakes and I LOVE your active imagination! Your story about Larkspur being proud of her uniqueness sounds like it could be an actual little kids book... awesome! :)
And I also love how you then tied the elements of your card back to the story, with the butterflies and that cool purple flower. You rock!

Tanya R said...

Wow girl, you are amazing. Love the center of the flower.

Mimi said...

She's so pretty! Love the layout you put together...Fabulous! ;)

Danielle said...

What a fun card!! I love all the texture you used!

WickedPixie said...

Rinne, I LOVE your story about Larkspur and your gorgeous card! I am so glad we got to do this release with you! :-)Traic

Renkata said...

Very pretty card. Love how you coloured her and the layout.

KanataNewf said...

Girl, your creations with these Twisted Sisters have been amazing!

jo said...

So adorable. You know how to rock the purples - it's such a challenge for me! Awesome! ;)