Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Her Other Half


You know when you've wanted to do something for some time, and when you finally get to do it, you go overboard??

(Like when you go on a diet, and you cheat and end up eating that whole chocolate bar when you only really wanted a bite? --- wait, that's a-whole-nother story!).

Well, that's what kinda happened when I made this card...haha!

There are lots and lots of things going on here. HA! Can't help it though, i just love to accessorize! Hehe! And it is for such a joyous event! And I have been craft-deprived for SOOO long!

Used the current Taylored Expressions KI kit for most of the elements. I finally finished coloring this image I got from winning a blog candy from Sheena.

The card is for one of my dear BFF's wedding. The image is so very cute & sweet, but looking through my stamps made me realize that I need more wedding images!

I incorporated the bow and flower from the invitation up in the left corner. I just love wedding invitations so I thought that would add a personal touch!

Speaking of personal touches...

Back when M and I were in Junior High, we had this matching toy that we displayed in our rooms. We were both new to the school, and had bonded right away. That first year was so precious to our friendship, as we always reminisced about our memories back then. We always joked about the boys we had crushes on and how we had carved their initials on trees.
Oh to be young and innocent again! :)

Anyway, that was 20 years ago, but I had managed to save the main part of the toy. I knew that I would somehow incorporate these into M's wedding present even it is just part of the wrapping. Finally, she has found her other half after all the experiences and mishaps and simple joys since our junior high years.


Aren't they cute and fitting for the occasion? :) Hope she likes it!

Have a fantabulous day!


Tanya R said...

Wow Rinne, She is so lucky to have a friend like you. The Toy aspect is amazing, and the card, well that speaks for itself. LOVE the bling ring on her hand.

Amy said...

I love your card, it just wouldn't be a Rinne card if it wasn't accessorized just so! Your paper mix is fab and your accessories are gorgeous and always placed in the perfect spots! Truly a Rinne work of art that your friend will treasure!

Sparkle said...

Your card is just darling!

jo said...

Your card is so cute! M's gonna love it!

And I think it's so awesome that you kept those little figurines. She's going to be so touched that you're incorporating them in her gifts!

yyam said...

Awww....soooooo cute! Really love the image! And all the accessories! I only make 6 X 6 cards because I need all the space I can get! lol

KanataNewf said...

Aww this is just so sweet - the card and the childhood story!