Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the Beginning of the New Year

I promise I will be scrapping today! I will...i haven't scrapped since November, and my supplies and kits are growing by the day!

Oh, and this makes me mad and inspires me at the same time. Listen up, peeps. I'm a nurse and have recently finished a retreat where an expert talked about different philosophies/styles of nursing between the Baby-boomers (ages 40 and above), the Gen X-ers (23 to 39), and the Gen Y-ers (under 23). It's the same with scrapbooking!!! Scrapbooking should be your own style! Live with it!!! I feel so bad for Kristina, but am glad she is BACK!

And I'm so excited for the wedding.....yikes!!! 3 months and some days to go! Gotta get cracking with the weight loss thing! I bought this , and

although it was very funny and informative at first,

i could NOT finish it. If you don't want to be a vegan, DO NOT read or buy this. It was truly disturbing, although most of it is probably true!

So, I just invested my time and money on this instead:

I love how you can customize your work-out and everything! And I have to get crackin' folks, because it's crunch time! I have pictures of wedding gowns strewn on my fridge, in the kitchen at the nurses' station at work, on my badge. Basically, it all says, "GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR!" Har har!

Oh, I miss the scrapbooking world! Esp. SIS TV, and my friends Rebecca and even Jo. I hope that even with the wedding planning, I still get to keep up!!

I did make some cards while I was in AZ for a few days. I had a limited supply but was pretty happy with what I did!

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jo said...

welcome back! Love the cards!

Totally agree what you said! Let's scrap in our own style. Who cares about DTs, etc! Can't wait to see what you do as guest Gargage girl! :)