Monday, January 21, 2008


That's the theme of my day today. I'm stressed out and pissed at some people at work. To turn my anger into some positive enery, I worked out to some kick boxing. The DVD played this song, and the trainer told me to picture people as I did my cross-hook. Perfect!

I'm just gonna keep breathing and thinking positively. No sense in wallowing in other people's bullsh*t!

On a lighter note, I scrapped.
Seeing babies interact is so funny to me...they already have their own personalities! Alexander is a happy-go-lucky dude, while it takes Kyle longer to deliver his smile and trust. Used Label Tulip December Kit, Autumn Leaves, and crackle paint.

OHHHH, and one more thing!! I SO want a photobooth for the wedding!!! It's a sure way to *KNOCK* our guests' socks off!! It'll match our save-the-dates! And I want to incorporate my love of photos into our theme, and it's perfect! But expensive! Good thing I worked 16 hours yesterday!!!

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jo said...

Very cute! I'm so bummed I lost your Save the Date at Jerico's! I had the perfect idea to scrap it too! *lol*