Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Cupid's Day!

Sometimes, when Gilderoy would tell me he loves me, I'd ask, "How much?" He'd answer, "A lot." Now, my fiance isn't the most poetic with words, and I'd ask him to clarify. He'd say the same thing.."A lot." I'd get mad with him.

So for Valentine's, I walk down the stairs and found these in the dining room table:

With this card:

Isn't that so sweet? I cried when I read it!!

Here's what I made him: Some Scenic Route goodness!!

And my sis got us a bottle of my fave wine!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!! Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE THIS MAN?!!!(He's gonna kill me if he sees this picture!) *LOL*



Great note....

The DCG. said...

thanks for your comments (it's been a while scrappin for me, lol).

i love valentine's day too :) looks like you had a great one!