Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Happs...

My sis was joking when we were shopping today. She said she spends more when she's with me. She's like, "That's what I get for shopping with someone who has expensive tastes." I tell her it's because I'm a Taurus. That's why I like the finer things in life.

Enter Nordstrom's Rack..the perfect solution for my need for a Valentine's outfit and the WB (wedding budget). I like shopping there because it's cleaner than Ross although you don't get the same deals. I got the perfect Cynthia Steffe top and cute, dangling earrings for more than half off the regular price! I hope the Gilster likes it!

And as far as my expensive desires, I see it this way. When we were growing up, we never were the "cool" teens wearing the then-designer clothes. We never went on any fancy trips. So now that I'm an adult and work hard for my money, you bet I'll be spoiling myself now and then! Shoot! I deserve it!!

And I never went into the store straight for the "expensive" rack. It just happened that I wanted a nice outfit with a good quality fabric & a romantic neckline. And that came in the blush-colored silk blouse with the rouching I find so flattering and scrapbooking-like!! :)

Anyway, speaking of scrapbooking, here's a l.o. I did for project # 3 from the Garage Girls.

The assignment was to use the Hambly sticker that was provided. I did this l.o. on my friend's daughter, Isabella. She did so well at her Christmas concert doing the Hula to Mele Kalikimaka..she is truly a STAR!!

A few random l.o.'s here: ..of my wish for a house, my giraffe nephew, and one of our Xmas traditions. There's also a card for a co-worker.

And I added more stuff to these:

And here are some pics from Jonah's party: He got into so much fun with the cake!!

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