Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Effer Dare!

(my second post of the day...scroll down for the first one).

My first Effer Dare in a while. # 147 dares you to scrap your weaknesses. As you can tell, I've got lots. A few of them are as follows:

1. Gossip - Love, Elsie.
2. My baby boy - carriage.
3. Anthropologie.
4. Truffles from Peachey Perfections.
5. Accessories.
6. Hello Kitty.
7. Anya.

I could go on and on. The hubby was pretty happy I did this. Got some of my 'random' cute stuff around the house one one page :).

I'm content as well! One, because I LOVE how it turned out! Colorful, cartoon-ish, makes me *BLISSFUL*! Love how all my faves make a cool page! It's so awesome how the dares get you to think outside the box! And two, I'm hoping it'll REV up my scrapping mojo!

I have less than a month of maternity leave, and I tear up just thinking about it. I do miss my work and especially, my friends. I miss my patients and the rest of the medical team. But I have NOT scrapped one single photo of my 3-mo-old babe :(. So, I told myself that along with the card-making and stamping, I'd scrap as well! So far, I'm just waiting for the pics that I ordered! Hope to share some lay-outs soon!!

Hugs and smooches!


Sparkle said...

What great stuff and it's put together lovely! I should do a layout like that!

jo said...

Nice! Love how you incorporated things you love on it. And yay for the Gilster for being so supportive. :)