Wednesday, September 9, 2009

seven years!

This card is for Anyone for Anya?'s current challenge of Buttons, Bows, and Brads. The big fish's 'bubbles' are the buttons. The bow is at the bottom on the 'sand.' And the brads are in Mermaid Anya's hair (gray).

It's taken me seven years to finish this card. SEVEN. I started it with the idea of the big fish being the main character. But I was never satisfied. I found the unfinished card a few days ago and thought that Mermaid Anya would be the perfect center of attention! And it's become one of my fave cards.

Let me list why (I love making lists :)):

1. The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney Princess. And I didn't start out trying to make her look like Ariel but I chose to color her hair red to make her stand out amongst the colorful scenery.

2. The 'under the sea' scenery just makes me smile. My favorite animal is the humpback whale. And my son's second name Kai means 'ocean' in Hawaiian.

3. The materials I used for this card aren't your typical supplies. I used beads (green fish), a necklace charm (big fish), thread (left seaweed), paper ribbons (right seaweed), real shells, packaging yarn.

Happy Hump Day! Can't wait for tonight's SYTYCD and Glee!


Sparkle said...

Such a darling card! Wow, I would of never guessed you've hung onto that card for that long.

Ady said...

Wow, I would have tossed that years ago... The card is adorable so it was well worth the wait... HUGZ

Randi said...

Ah, but it was SO worth it!! It came out amazing!! I love all the clever elements you incorporated!! Love the seaweed!! Great ideas!

Renata van Miltenburg said... took you a while ;) but there you have something!

AWESOME card, love all the special and different details and the colorful scenery!

Nice to have you in our AFA challenge this week!

Warmest regards, Renata

jo said...

WOW! Love the card, girlfriend! 7 years?! That's crazy!

I love all of the elements and textures to the card. Super original - just like you! :)

Sanny said...

I love all the little details on this sweet card, beautiful work!!!!

Amy said...

I can't believe you kept a card for seven years, but what a looks fab!
Oh, and I'm a huge Gleek and SYTYCD fan too! :)