Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breaking News (in 'first draft' form).

I was in our high school's yearbook staff in the mid 90s (Great...did I just give away my age??). I loved creating pages that would represent memories for my classmates. It was a wonderful way to develop both my love for photography and scrapbooking.

The card I have for you today is reminiscent of those years. I believe that I'm quite lucky to be able to think outta the box and make such a different card -- & I REALLY adore this one!

I couldn't wait to try something different...& then Randi's newspaper-styled coloring tutorial came out! It's so refreshing to learn different techniques, especially after seeing Kim's vintage black & white, and Alex's awesome movie scene!

The coloring was easier than I thought. Found this cool Studio Calico tag - it depicts that journalistic theme I was going for. The graph Creative Imaginations paper helps tie in that it is a 'draft,' along with Japanese masking tape. This card is for my friend & colleague, J, who started out as a secretary & nursing assistant before becoming a nurse. It had been a long road for him and now, he just finished his orientation! The rub-ons finished the lay-out and they are from 7 gypsies (too bad that i messed up on a few of them :(). Lastly, I also added stickers from sassafras.

Anyway, I was shopping for my 2010 calendar and went to Maido, a cute Japanese store full of stationary and trinkets.

These paper robots were cute. Hope to collect and make them one day!

But what I was most excited about was this! Randi, do you see? I no longer have to go thru Etsy to buy Japanese tape! Yippeeee!



sunghee said...

I'm sooo jeolous! Heehee.
I love all your product recommendation. I actually saw one product at Joann that I got to know because of your link and I was so excited that I found something that I learned from you!

Amy said...

Wowzers this looks amazing! I believe that thinking outside the box just comes naturally to you... like breathing air, it's a part of who you are and what makes your style all your own... not to mention fabulous! :)

Ady said...

That card is so retro, cute and original... Love it... I like that tape too. Must try that someday.

Randi said...

AHHHHHHH!!!! Masking tape dreamworld!! Is that the Maido at Santana Row?!?!?! I LOVE that place! Everytime I visit home I have to go there! I can stay in there for hours!!! How in the world did you restrain yourself!?!? THANKS for the pic!

How is their pricing?

LOVE your layout!! Your image came out gorgeous!! I am sooo thrilled you tried it and like it!! You did such an amazing job coloring it and creating a layout for it!
I was on yearbook staff in the 90's, too! ;o)

jo said...

Love it!!!

So creative and so YOU! :)