Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Mini- Book

Hello all! Sorry this post is so late! I have just now finished a card I've worked on for the past two days. I'm really hoping now that my DH doesn't look at my blog as this is his for Valentine's.

I wanted to make something extra special for him as we probably would not have much of a V-Day since I'm scheduled to work that day. When I saw this tutorial at Elsie's blog, I knew it would be perfect for a mini-card album. Thanks, Siljie!

You fold the pages together to 'close' the card. And each time the recipient 'opens' the page..there's another page right after it. Cute! Really easy too! You can even put a gift card at the end, in the center!

And then, what's perfect is that the TE Cuppie Love Scenes stamps depict exactly what my hubby and I do on our dates!

The supplies I used are mostly from the TE Valentine Key Ingredients. I, then, added some Japanese masking tape, used white opaque pen, American Crafts brads, and Martha Stewart twine.

My DH started out as friends. We used to go biking together (even mountain biking! Yes, I used to do that!!). Then we'd hang out after on the couch and watch TV. One thing led to another. He kissed me (although he claims I made the moves on him first..HA!). And BOOM, we've been inseperable since!

Now you all know how much I LOVE watching movies. Well, there used to be a time, before marriage and a baby, when we would go out and see the latest flick every week. So this scene is perfect!! It's actually my fave of the four! And the sentiment: "You're my Happy Ending.." *sighs* I know, I can be really corny!!

And BOY! Do we like to go out to eat! This reminds me of how we always go to Olive Garden.

And last but not least, I've always wanted to do a hot air balloon ride, especially the one overlooking Napa Wine Country. This is on our to-do list. And don't you just love this sentiment!?

Anyway, thanks for visiting today! I wasn't completely happy with how I took these pics so here are different views that show all of the different pages:

(cover) closed view.

first page.

2nd page.

3rd page.

final page/ center.



Silje Røe Hagland said...

I love it! Super cute!


sunghee said...

Eeek~!!! LOVE IT! Love all the details you put into. And the stamps you picked, PERFECT!!!
Heehee. My hubby doesn't read my blog so I dont' have to worry about him seeing my creation. But then, I'm not making anything for him for v-day so it really doesnt' matter. Heehee.

Denise said...

WOW, you have been very busy girl. Love this Beautiful project!
Aloha & Hugs,

Randi said...

AMAZING project Rinne!! What a wonderful and thoughtful Vday card!! Like a story unfolding...literally! So cool!! He will LOVE it!! Sorry you have to work Vday! Hope it's a good one any ways!

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and support on my blog this past week! Much appreciated Rinne!

Amy said...

OMGosh! I LOVE how personalized you made this with those super cute cupcake images! What an absolutely perfect gift for your sweet hubby, this is wonderful Rinne!

**CrEaTiNgWiThAlOhA** said...

Too cute love your mini albums...TFS...BTW the link works let me know and than i can email you the tutorial...have a good day....hugs Liann