Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Blessing


This might be TMI (too much information), but a few friends and I were trying to get pregnant at the same time. Don't ask how we tried to execute it...haha!

This is for one of my good friends who succeeded! It's still too early to find out the gender of the baby. Actually, I'm not even quite sure that would be their plan. So I opted for a gender-neutral card.

This stamp is my first Claudia & Company stamp. I got it from ATS. And it is so very cute!

Paired it with lots of K&Company patterned papers, a ribbon, and some brads. I am so HAPPY for my friend! Can't wait to meet her baby!


yyam said...

Hehe...on the TMI part! It would be cool to have a sibling for Mattie...another cutie for me to

Really cute card!!:)

Tanya R said...

Oh yes, this is so super sweet.

KanataNewf said...

this is so sweet! tee hee....and best of luck on your....."project"...tee hee hee.

jo said...

Super sweet card! Yay for your friend... Hopefully you'll be joining the preggo party with her soon. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed!

sunghee said...

hehehe. good luck! I would love to join you and your friends, but babies are toooooooooo expensive! hehe.
i have my eyes set on claudia & co. stamp. They are so cute, aren't they! LOVE LOVE the colors. It's my favorite kind of color!