Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our UP Housewarming Celebration

Hi all!

Thought I'd share some pics from our housewarming party this past weekend. Above is our thank you cards. Was short on time and money so I stamped a house (from TGF) on top of store bought cards. No need to color them as I liked the simple effect.

For the party itself, I am BIG on having themes (see this baby shower post and my son's party). As we are celebrating our new home, I thought UP would be a good choice.

If you haven't seen the movie, I'd recommend it. It is a heart-warming tale of one's love for a home & family and chasing after dreams.

It was very difficult trying to find decorations, party utensils, even favors in the Up theme. So my sis and I had to really think about it.

For decorations, I was able to find some coloring books from Amazon. Made bunting using decorative scissors and some colored cardstock.



I had some extras to give to the kids who came so they can color them and bring them home as well.

We bought lots of colorful balloons and placed them around the rooms. I have to admit that it did look a bit like a children's party. Made up for it by having real plates to use, and of course, wine! :)

The main attraction of the party was not created by me, but by my sister, Kristine, who is such a decor genius!! Her plan was to re-create the Up House with real balloons. Originally, it was supposed to be outside but it was pouring that day. So instead, we made our very own "art display."


My sis' made this by painting the back of a Michael's dollhouse just like the house in the cartoon. (Now that the party is over, the other side's alcoves will be perfect to store some of my art supplies!).


Because of our lack of a formal dining room table, we had a lot of room. For you Up fans, you may remember Carl and Ellie's couches. We had our more modern versions of them.

My sis owns this authentic Eames chair. It is so cool and sleek and surprisingly comfortable!


I had just finished putting together my quirky cardboard chair -- which I first spotted on a decorating show from HGTV. I really love how ecological and unique it is!


Both served as wonderful conversation starters. Our guests were able to also sit in them and pose for a photo!

On the table sat some of our other props. The framed poster is from Pixar's 25th anniversary at the Oakland Museum. It is of a tiny cozy house nestled between some tall buildings. Just like in Up!


My hubby just happened to have a jar used as a coin bank and it looked just like the one in the movie. I taped a sign on it but left it at "Paradise" instead of "Paradise Falls." I was going to write "Paradise Cove" as we love Hawaii.. LOL!


I scoured through Etsy to find items with an Up theme and bought this lovely one. Isn't Leesandra's quilling amazing?


For food, I wanted to have really colorful and fun dishes. Here are some of the food. I baked these fruity pebble treats. My MIL did the salad and my good friend, Melissa, brought some guava cupcakes.




But the main dessert was this lovely cheesecake topped with these fondant cuties (made by Crumby Art):


BAHAY means House in Tagalog.

For favors, I wanted to do something different from what I usually do. I tend to pack up candies or chocolates. But this time, I wanted to make favors you could use around the house. So I made my own magnets. Got an Up sticker book and some magnet sheets and got to cutting.



And last, but not least, I wanted my family's very own badges. Turned to Etsy once more and bought her grape soda pins.




Thanks for stopping by! Till the next party! :)


Susan Aglubat-Alvarez said...

WOW!! So creative Rinne!! Great job =)

KanataNewf said...

wowsers - when you throw a party you REALLY throw a party. amazing.

sunghee said...

Holy cow, girl~!!!! What a party!!! Can't believe you pulled all that! How nice of your sis to help out! That cardboard chair is so cool. I wanna make one, too. And that quilling card? I wanna quilling again! I've been creative-less these days and you surely inspired me! Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Sigh... I want to be your neighbor and BFF so that I could come to all of your AMAZING parties! :)
You simply blow me away with all of your creativity girlie!

jo said...

Awesome looking party! I'm so bummed that we missed it! Love the UP theme! :)