Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Small Things for Sandy Hook.

If you are like me, you are probably still distraught over the happenings of Newtown CT. The shooting and those children are always in my thoughts. I even have nightmares about it. I knew that I wanted to make cards and send them to the families/ community somehow. Above are pics of the stamps I chose from my collection for cards. I am very much saddened by the cute images.

I know a lot of us feel helpless during these trying times. You can affect so much just by doing something small. A friend helped me discover this article. I just copied and pasted word for word.

From CNN.com:

"11 Small Acts That Can Have a Huge Impact.

1. When the children of Sandy Hook Elementary go back to school, the National Parent Teacher Association wants them to be greeted by a winter wonderland. You and your child can help welcome the students back to school, which will be in a new building, by making unique snowflakes! The snowflakes are due by January 12. Please send them to:

Connecticut PTSA

60 Connolly Parkway

Building 12, Suite 103 Hamden, CT 06514

2. You can also share your kind words of condolence by sending the community of Newtown a condolence letter:

Message of Condolence

PO Box 3700

Newtown, CT 06470

3. Some of the victim’s families have also set up specific pages for you to leave condolences online. Click on the names to leave your thoughts for the family of Dawn Hochsprung, Emilie Parker, Noah Pozner and Benjamin Wheeler.

4. Messages are also being collected on Evergram. They will be given to the family at a later date.

5. You can also do something you may have been putting off for a while. Go around your house with your child and find the toys they don’t play with anymore. Then donate them to a local charity.

6. You can also make a commitment as a family to volunteer at your school or community center.

7. Make sure this information gets out to the people who need it. Just hit the retweet button or copy and paste the information to post it on other social networks.

8. If you need a little inspiration for more creative ways to help your community and do good, check out this conversation happening on Twitter. People are labeling their Twitter updates with the hashtag #26acts – a kind act for each of the people who died at the school.

9. Find other people in your community who are pledging to walk for 27 minutes on Friday 12/21 at 9:30 a.m.

10. If you have a blog, write about a cookie recipe or craft and include a tribute to the victims. You can find other people’s blog post through the Twitter hashtag #BloggersForSandyHook

11. Some online gamers are also suspending online shooting for one day, Friday, Dec. 21."

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