Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hair Raising Challenge at Ning!

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My favorite Disney Princess is The Little Mermaid. I remember being enamoured by the movie when it first came out. And it was exciting because I had gone to see it with my then best friend and our parents let us sit in the theater by ourselves. I know pretty much all the words to the songs even to this day. And it really warms my heart because my tater tots love the movie now too. Their eyes get big and light up when I sing the songs...they are AMAZED that I know them by heart! hehe...

So when I signed up to do the Hair Raising Challenge at the Ning Community for Some Odd Girl, I thought I'd finally color up one of the mermaids from Under the Sea Mae.

The Ning Challenge is to make the HAIR stand out. Either color up an image with prominent hair (like SOG's Rapunzel or make it very unique. I chose the latter and wanted to do sort of an ombre effect. And I thought with the mermaid, it'd be perfect because the non-traditional colors would look so cool and very sea-like.

I also knew that I wanted to make a scene and was very much ecstatic that I still had some of Traci Bautista's painted papers! Before she became an author and made it big, Traci used to sell these art kits full of artful goodies she made herself. They even included some ephemera she found and painted or altered herself. Anyway, she painted this paper and that is the background you see. Isn't it beautiful and doesn't it look just like the ocean?


I think I like the card opened up to show depth and dimension of the scenic card. I regretted folding it and if you squint, you can see that line in the middle :).

The paper on the bottom is a dyed paper towel, also courtesy of Traci. I added lines of sequins because they remind me of fish scales!


But back to the task at hand, I wanted her hair to also show the light reflections under the water. I think she is super gorgeous! Hope you can join in on the challenge. It runs till the ninth!

And now back to singing...

Look at this stuff,
Isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think
My collection's complete?......


eva said...

pretty papers! love the sequins! wonderful card, rinne!

Jossie Michel said...

such a pretty card!! love the colors and the sequins!