Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Steam Punk.


Happy almost Hump Day, folks! Have you seen that commercial with the camel and he's going around the office saying, "Hump Day, Hump Day!" or something like that?? It's hilarious!! LOL!

So I've been off for the last couple of days. My DH has been sick, and although it was busy, it was nice having him around the house. I even got to do some coloring while taking care of my three "boys." Ever since I first saw SteamPunk Kaylee from SOG, I had been wanting to make a card of her!

I first learned about Steam Punk when I watched one of those reality Wedding shows -- the couple wanted a steam punk themed wedding, and the network was helping them achieve their dream. Here's a link on what steam punk is all about via Wikipedia. Basically, it was during the 19th century / Victorian era when America was becoming more industrialized. There's a lot of mechanism, futuristic, fantasy, modernism involved in the style. The show was very interesting, and I had been intrigued ever since.

So I gathered up what I perceived to be "steam punk-sh" among my stash of papers. I came across that metallic, shiny, embossed paper and a few with lots of vintage keys. I also found those cool keys and bolts/ screws embellishments.

For the sketch, I wanted something special so I followed The Deconstructed Sketch # 124, which was unique and interesting, and showcased SP Kaylee (& all her ephemera) just right!!


Thanks for visiting! I'll see you soon!!

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Sheena Brooks said...

She's gorgeous, Rinne! I picked up this stamp at a recent crop and am looking forward to getting around to using her - eventually!