Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nurses Rock.


Hello, everybody!!

Today, I'm doing something quite different and actually posting about a creation I made all for fun and not for an assignment or "Design Team" - related!

I simply wanted to document what it's been like at work lately. How busy it has been and how Nursing isn't just about passing out meds and cleaning poop. It's about teaching families how to manage chronic diseases at home, how to help them cope with new diagnoses, how to chart everything you are doing for your patients. It's auditing your colleague's practice to make sure policies are followed. It's about ensuring that the flow of a patient's daily plan run smoothly from the Respiratory Therapist's treatment to the MRI procedure later that evening. It's balancing great relationships with your patient's support system and also taking time out for yourself. There are politics involved with Nursing... how to please the upper management breathing down your neck about the budget and preventing overtime while still maintaining family-centered care. It's developing trust with not only those you care for, but those you have to report unexpected symptoms to (aka the doctors). It's taking the time to listen and participate in rounds to really understand the patient and the medical treatment. Nursing is fulfilling, busy, intimidating, inspiring, mind-boggling all rolled into one.

In a twelve hour day, I sometimes don't even feel the sun on my skin. I leave before it pushes into the horizon and come home when it has set hours before. When my babes were babies, there were times I did not even see them awake. But I am lucky for full time in my career (at least in this part of California) entails just three days a week. Long hours, but they're combined into less than half the week.

Because I've always been sentimental, I wanted to include a typical day in my life as a nurse in the here and now of February 2014. This pie chart on the Project Life card from Studio Calico was fitting. It's not quite a perfect depiction, but it's close enough. Visualize that chart as a whole circle though as I do provide a lot more patient care than that little pink corner :). The nurse image and sentiment are both from Saturated Canary. I just love how cute and quirky she and her outfit are (NOT, I repeat NOT what I wear at work!!!). She is colored with Copic Markers and is accompanied by cute, kawaii medical stickers.


Anyway, thanks for visiting! I'm quite enjoying combining my love of scrapbooking with my stamp coloring! That's why I make so many crafts! It's such a stress relief, especially after my work week :).


Thanh Vo said...

Yay!! Big hugs to all nurses. Thanks for all that you do, Rinne.

Sheena Brooks said...

Tee hee - wouldn't it be fun though if for one day you did dress up like that for work? Gorgeous, Rinne!