Thursday, February 13, 2014

Renate's Birthday Blog Hop.


Hello, and welcome to my last post for Yumi and Fumi Handmade. It's "Yumi's" birthday, and we planned on surprising her with a birthday blog hop. Of course, this was before the closing of the store, but we decided to go ahead with it... as sort of a farewell with a BANG!! If you hadn't noticed already, we are posting every hour pretty much today!

Try to guess our message for our dear Renate! We tried to all incorporate all of her favorite colors of rose, pink, teal, and yellow. I figured this beautiful paper from Allison Kreft's line was perfect! And that ribbon at the bottom fitted well too! As Ren is from So Cal!

The "P" is from Basic Grey, kinda vintage as it was from circa 2006-ish...


I hope she loves this! I'll miss you, Yumi and Fumi Handmade! Wishing you lots of cake and presents, Renate!


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