Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flowers Galore!


Good evening, everyone!!

It's time for another Milk Coffee Challenge tonight (this morning, if you are in Asia!). Today's challenge is to incorporate flowers! Remember that you've got about two weeks to join in. And that you do not have to use a Milk Coffee image. But it would certainly increase your chances of winning. Plus, we'll be oh-so-happy over here on the Design Team!!!

Anyway, without further ado. Ta-Da! My card with flowers on .... (dot, dot, dot...)... a masculine card!!

Just got done watching Bambi last week with my kiddies. Remember that scene with the skunk buried in flowers?? It was a male skunk and the beautiful blooms surrounded him. So beautiful. That was kind of the effect I wanted to portray here.

photo source

This dad, spending time with his son, running across a meadow of flowers, mushrooms, and critters. He's telling his son to explore, to run free, to have fun in life! :)

Who says flowers can't exist on a masculine card anyway? Tee hee hee!!


And that awesome sentiment stamp and flair? It's from Kelly Purkey's Meg Says Hello kit!


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Doudou said...

I love so much the stamps, very sweet card!