Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pedal Power!


Happy Saturday, everyone!!

Sorry for the lack of posts. Mojo has been low and work has been hectic.

I am very grateful for an unexpected day off today. My sister and I went to an unexpected concert/ auction last night and I drank a bit of wine and ate dinner too late. I woke up quite tired so I was very glad to get a phone call. We sometimes get the option to take a day off when there are too many nurses and not enough patients. It's very useful for catching up on my other "jobs" aka DT assignments here or attending a birthday party (we work some weekends and Holidays).

Most often than not, we try to take the tater tots out for a fun event like a museum or the movies. I try to make the most out of these "A" days, but today proved to be a lazy one. I went back to sleep after being on call and didn't wake up till 10:45 am (nice, right?). Ate breakfast then watched Frozen with the kiddies (I've seen it about 30 times now, who's with me?? :)). Then, the boys helped me out by filling some plastic eggs with treats and stickers for MK's pre-school. No other plans for the rest of the day, but it's still pretty early so we'll see. I've been looking at some exercise classes so it's motivating me to take the kids outside at least. It's a beautiful day!

Anyway, today's card is full of Springtime adventures too! I am a sucker for images with bikes so I am very much in love with Time for Tea Designs' Pedal Power. Bicycling stamps remind me of how my hubby and I got together so I just had to pay homage to my mountain pedaling days.


As mentioned before, I really need to start working out but ten years ago, we would be out biking for hours! There's a trail by a creek in our town, and a nearby mountain trail. We'd also go along some neighborhood streets (gnarly road rash on my leg and cheek -- boo!) and wake up early to go to a park by the lake. I regretted not taking my camera out more back then because we've seen some beautiful views. And when I look at the bikes hooked up on the garage ceiling, I can't help but long to take those babies out again (& somehow not think of an excuse not to go).

Back to the card and image... Pedal Power is wearing boots that look a lot like my "wanna-be" pink Uggs. And the only bandanna I own is red so I colored hers the same color. It's hardly noticeable here but I've always wanted a vintage mint bicycle :). Used some Love, Elsie stickers (circa 2007, y'all remember this line??), and I thought the sentiment was perfect for the romantic story of my life. Tee hee.

Making cards are proving to be sentimental to me (danggit, a sign of getting older!!!!). I don't think I'll be giving this one away. I may be tucking it in a scrapbook or end up giving it to the G. Thanks for coming to visit to my little Crafty corner of the blog-o-sphere! And Thanh, thanks for the wonderful sequins -- they're up there and so very dreamy!



Sheena Brooks said...

Wee! looks like she is having fun, Rinne!

SuiLan said...

I can totally picture you here! Great card! And I don't blame you for wanting to hang on to this one.

Jo Davies said...

What an amazing story Rinne - I love reading your posts because I always get an insight into your life & I love that some of my digis invoke some of those memories for you. Your feelings come through so strongly in your cards & the happiness is just oozing off the page!! Love it! :) x