Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Secretaries' Day!


Hi all!!

Did you know that today is Secretaries' Day? I had chaired a committee that had to know all the holidays at work so I know this info (almost to heart) :). I am very grateful to our Admin Assistants on the job. When the day gets crazy, they could make the difference. It really helps that there is a person who could find out timing for our patients' appointments, call transport to pick up for an xray, even offer families water when the nurses are running around.

I thought using Time for Tea Designs' Apple for Teacher was perfect for this day. I had originally colored her up a while back in anticipation for Teacher's Day (in May), but then I thought the way she balanced those books and apple was just like the way our clerks balance the chaos of the unit on their shoulders. You see, they always keep their cool even if the unit gets super busy!


I thought Allison Kreft's typewriter patterned paper fit right in! And that message tag too! Anyway, I gots to go!! Still on vacay so I gotta relax :). These posts are all pre-scheduled.

I'll see you all tonight!

P.S. Don't forget that Time for Tea Designs still has the Anything Goes Challenge going on till 4/30! The prizes are amazing!!


Thanh Vo said...

Yay! Thanks for thinking of us administrative staff, Rinne!

Jo Davies said...

What a fabulous card Rinne! Xx

Papercrafting Princess said...

The card and design is way too cute!