Monday, June 23, 2014

Make It Monday over at C.C.D.!

Hi all!!
It's Corinne, and it's my first ever MIM over at the C.C. Designs blog.
I'll be showing you how to use water colors with your stamps! I am usually a Copics Lover, but I have been intrigued by different mediums lately, especially watercolors.
To start off with, I grabbed:
1. some watercolor paper (I used a different brand here, but C.C.Designs sells one at the store).
2. ink for the stamp (Memento Ink in rich cocoa).
4. For the watercolors, I used Le Plumme II watercolor pens and water color from the Art District -- it's what I already have at home. Christine has a great selection over here.
5. Water, small brushes, watercolor pan.

I first laid ink from the markers or tubes on the watercolor pan. 
IMG_0845 IMG_0846
I, then, start coloring using my brush and taking into account where the light source is. 
IMG_0848 IMG_0850
I take the marker and use it right on the watercolor paper where the shadows of her face would be.    And then I blend well with my brush.
IMG_0853 IMG_0855
I have yet to master coloring hair, but you can show dimensions here by using different colors or making it lighter by using more water.   
I did the same technique with the background / sea.  By using different colors or shades, you show depth and aspects. 
I kept it pretty simple and  just added bubbles and hand-wrote the sentiment.
Thanks so much for visiting! 

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Sheena Brooks said...

Wow! Rinne, the effect with the watercolouring is amazing. Beautiful.