Saturday, September 13, 2014

Taking me back to my clubbing days! :)


Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday so far!! It is a weekend off for moi, and I'm so excited to be spending it with some family and friends. I even got some crafting time in, yay!!

Today's card features Time for Tea Design's Festival Girl. She is fun and carefree, and I wanted the card to reflect that!

Now, although I know what music festivals are all about, I haven't actually been to one. I have, however, gone to many concerts and clubs. I chose some awesome fantasy-themed Bam-Pop papers to accompany her. She's at a Katie Perry concert, or even a rave at the Mission side of San Francisco :).


There's lots of merriment and dancing, some drinking, and maybe a couple of fun stuffed animals being thrown around by the crowd, LOL! Tee-hee! Oh, to be young again!!

Have an awesome weekend! Toodles,

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