Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Crossing my fingers for the contest *crosses fingers and makes sign of the cross*. (You, too, please!).

I would love, LOVE to win a design spot or even just a gift certificate to their products. I love the wedding line...I could totally use those papers for my wedding!!

Speaking of the wedding, I booked my cake, invitations, AND videographer ALL in two days! I'm also thinking about getting a coordinator for the day. I'm so freaking excited!! I'm really starting to love all this planning! And my sis tells me the BIG REVEAL of our wedding site is almost here!!!

Anyway, here are some Reminisce goodness:

Mini-Halloween / Birthday book....

...and some lay-outs:


Noelia said...

Seems like you've been really productive in your wedding planning! I love weddings and I love all the planning involved too. So when's the big day?
Love your mini and your lo's!

jo said...

good luck with the Reminisce contest! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Love the mini book!

Great LOs! Yay a wedding LO featuring me! *lol* Love them all!!!

Ria M. Mojica said...

Thnaks for dropping by my blog Rinne! Too bad we didn't make Reminisce:( but our time will come:). Are you Filipina, too?