Friday, October 12, 2007

Loser?? Winner!!!

I didn't win this but I did win something here!

A runner-up at the Kristina Contes' contest (haha!) isn't so bad, esp when I get a free kit at Cocoa Daisy.

It's raining right now, and I'm too lazy to put on shoes to get my phone in my car and my mail. All this rain is making me wanna curl up with my current book, shown here. But, there are too many things to do on this girl's things to do list. Must do them before the weekend--it is my weekend to work, bummer! I would so love to go to this but there is truly no chance to get the day off. Anyway, today, I have to do laundry, exercise, wrap gifts, finalize guest list, write invitation draft, take save-the-date pics, watch a movie, and then go to date night! Da-yammmm!!!

Managed to do this one today:

Have a great weekend everyone!


chenguna said...

Hey Corrine this is Michelle aka chenguna00 @ AMM just passing buy to show some luv. Thanks for coming my blog to comment I appreiate that girly! Hey are you flip? I am, well half but still I recognize it more hehehe. I love you blog and your work. I posted on your other one but I think this is where you are more. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Wish all the best! hope I see more of you on my blog. Have a good night chica.

Laurie said...

love your lo and the mini book..
thanks for your comment on my blog.
good luck with your wedding...

Anonymous said...

grear lo! and my name is Cor-riene as the way you pronounce it :)


milkcan said...

Totally fun layout! Congrats on winning a free kit too!

jo said...

The LO is awesome! Great job using that string and those brads too!