Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kraft Postcards - Part 4 of MK's Nautical Party


Happy Saturday, everybody!

Today's post is the last of the series for my son's second birthday party. (See Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3).

Since his theme was nautical, I thought these new stamps from TGF's OA Ahoy line were perfect for thank you cards.

I wanted to keep it really simple since we were blessed with lots of people to thank. I like the look of kraft paper so I bought some from RunEllieRun's Etsy shop. I cut them down to size & sent them as post cards. I think post cards are cute & fun to send/ receive. And I save a lot on shipping :).

Although I've been curious about all these blog posts on coloring kraft CS, I thought leaving Oliver & Amelia uncolored was the best thing. I really like the look of some Martha Stewart bakers' twine around it to give it a pop of color/ nautical stripes. But I wasn't sure if that meant breaking some sort of USPS rules.

Couldn't risk having these sent back because:
a. waste of postage.
b. the backs would be ruined with "return to sender."
c. it's almost been a month since the party & I wanted to send these off before baby2 comes.

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend! I have all these little projects to do and lots of ideas in my head. I know I should be relaxing before our new addition comes but my crafting mojo has been really high lately. Thought I'd take advantage of it before lack of sleep leaves me with no time/ energy.

Talk to ya later!


Tanya R said...

How rockin are these! Superb Rinne, Superb indeed.

Amy said...

These are really cute and clever Rinne! I've never thought about making postcards before... what a smart way to do a bunch of thank you's! :)

jo said...

I think the thank you cards were perfect! I loved how simple they were! What a way to save time but still create something homemade!