Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Second Pregnancy


Good Thursday to ya!

I wanted to make at least one lay-out for my second pregnancy. Come to think of it, I don't think I've made one yet of my first -- YIKES! :(

They say every pregnancy is different and I have to agree. I definitely think this time around has been more challenging physically. Dunno if it's the fact that every muscle has already been stretched out and so there's a lot more pressure. Now, having a tater tot running around could be the cause of that too.


I am less than a week away from delivering and have tons of worries. Will I be ok during and after delivery? Will my baby be healthy? Will my relationship with Mattie change? Will I have enough love and time for both kiddies? Will I have the time/ energy for my babies, my hubby, my home, my work, my hobbies?? Should I apply to this one design team?

*Sighs* I know that it'll be definitely hard, especially in the beginning. But if other people could do it, then so can I. I gotta focus on the positive. I wouldn't change being a mother or a wifey for anything. I'm blessed enough to have a family...what's a little time juggling and sacrifice?

Anyway, the lay-out is of pics taken at my mini-shower thrown by Jo for our college friends. She likes to call it a "Sprinkle." Cute, huh? There were only 7 adults including me + 5 kids. But I had a blast and felt special. Every baby needs to be celebrated, right Jo? Thanks so much!!!

I really LOVE this Momma Mae stamp from SOG. I colored her to look like me (yes, I have violet eyes, LOL!).

This paper is from Sassafras' Mix and Mend line. I've put everything to the side because I didn't want to cover up the beauty of this patterned paper. I fussy-cut and punched and tore more paper from the same line and layered. I added some Sandy Lion stickers and bling and a sentiment from Paper Smooches.

I have to say that I really like this l.o. It's a little quirky...a mixture of cuteness meets shabby chic. Momma Mae is a giant, but I wanted her to stand out! :) :) :)



Ady said...

I love how the baby stickers blend in with the pp. It's adorable and yes every baby should be celebrated. A mother's heart is capable of so much love that you'll have plenty for M and baby... Good luck. Take it day by day and rest.

yyam said...

Hehe...this is adorable! Love the ducks!!! :)

Hope the delivery goes smoothly..take care!

jo said...

Lovely layout, mama! It's so nice to see a new traditional scrapbook LO from you! It's fabulous and perfect! Will continue to pray for an easy delivery & post-partum recovery! Can't wait to meet #2!

Amy said...

So cool that you have violet eyes...I'm jealous! Your page is gorgeous as is that pic, you gorgeous momma to be!
I love the idea of a 'Sprinkle' you're so right that every baby should be celebrated and this is such a perfect way!

Unknown said...

You are soo creative Corinne! Keep me posted on the baby's arrival if you'd like newborn portraits. Good luck to you in the delivery room. I'm looking forward to meeting Mattie's little brother. ;-)