Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Man Shower


Hi everyone!

Here's a quick card I made for one of the doctors I work with. Dr. J is getting married, and we wanted to throw him a 'man shower'.... LOL! He advocates a lot for our unit so we wanted to do something nice :).

I was in charge for making him a card that all the staff could sign. Didn't want it to be too cutesy so I opted for simple stickers. And if you're wondering what a man shower would entail, it's basically just taking him out for dinner at a restaurant and giving him gifts we've collected :). No corny games, haha!

Speaking of showers, I'll probably be sharing pics of my bro & SIL's baby shower. I didn't plan it at all but it was very cute! I'll show you soon!



Amy said...

This is awesome Rinne, it's a such a cool wedding card and still masculine! Fantabulous! :)

jo said...

Great card for Dr. J! All this time I thought he was already married!