Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Little Piece of Heaven

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After 10+ years of crafting outta those big tupperware storage boxes, I have my very own craft room!!!!

Granted, one corner will be my hubby's office and we're also trying to fit in a mini-home gym in there, but isn't she a beaut???


It's near the front of the house, so I wanted more of a clean look and not so much a scrapbooking room. Of course, I don't think the paper rack is helping much, haha! So that's why I got those white boxes to make them look more uniform.


The big shelf/ table combo is from Ikea. I like how during the daytime, I could put a chair and face out the window and then be able to switch it to the other side at night (maybe put a TV in there somewhere?).


My favorite parts are the two rolling cabinets in the corner. They fit a lot of paper. Most of my design paper are 12 x 12, and they're perfect for them! I sometimes put together a card or lay-out without actually adhering the elements down. I like how I could just open up one of the cabinets and slide them in to finish later on. In those cabinets, I sort my DP either by brand (Basic Grey, Hambly) or by theme (nature, baby/kids).


The supplies I have the most of are papers and embellishments. I'll get back to the embellies later. Here are the other storage places -- the rolling rack of folders and the paper rack (mostly cardstock). And you see the rectangular light green boxes with the oval windows? Those are where my Studio Calico kits or Taylored Expressions kits go. I don't think I'll be disassembling them anytime soon.


The white bins are labeled but things are just kind of thrown in there. I do like the look of apothecary so if I find nice clear bottles/ vases, I may throw in some of my ribbons or buttons in there.


Here's an example of what it looks like inside... these are my tins full of brads/ eyelets. I also have beads and paperclips.

Not quite done. I'd love to buy another cabinet or shelf for the middle part where the green seats are. In the above pic with Mattie, there's a kiddie table made out of cardboard that I'd love to incorporate so my sons can craft with me. :)

I still need to put up a bulletin board and my inspirational pics too. Maybe a rug and some curtains. And if you noticed the little white shelves hold no Copics.

That's because I put them in these little portable containers and lug them whichever room I'm in (usually the family room or kitchen). I ended up buying the new portable bag at the Copics website, and am very excited to get it!

So there it is... it took my so long to clean and sort stuff out. I'd love to see your craft room too!!!



Luanne said...

beauty beautiful room! love it. Maybe after 8-10 years I will my piece of heaven as well. :)

TFS! your room

Rez P. said...

Aloha Rinne,
Your craft room is beautiful. Everything look so nice and organized. I wish I had all that space.
Karezma Kreations

juli (sweetpz) said...

Love it!!! so neat and organized. Right now i only have a window sitting area for my craft space and my stuff it actually moving in towards my closet! ( its not looking pretty) hahaha..
Lets see a pic when you are crafting!

Janet said...

You are so lucky to have such a beautiful room! Happy crafting!

Creations by Shirl said...

OMG Rinne~
Love the craft space - it is so well organized.... you are so lucky..I need one of those paper trays for all my papers and a big cabinet like yours to put all my odd / ends in..
Now all you need is a couple of your fav cards or images and put them in picture frames to put on the walls...that would be really pretty.....on your section of your craft space....

angie ashuk said...

Great room. Such great lighting in there. Im in the basement so its dark. Great floors, great layout. Well done!!!

Lalo said...

WOW Rinne...CONGRATULATION!!!! It dose look super good!!! It makes me want a scraproom even more now. And holly molly you got a LOT of copics...can I come color at your house???

Oh and as for the Paper Craft call...
On the blog they said those chosen would be notified by a certain date but they way I knew is that the people that was chosen bloged about having their cards picked up...leaving me to think I wasn't. OH WELL next time :)

Amy E said...

What a gorgeous room! I love the white against the color of the floor...and the fact that you're making a place for your kids to craft with you!

My craft room just got finished about a month ago...what a great feeling it is!! Here's the link to mine if you want to take a peek. http://scrapthissavethat.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-new-scrap-room.html

Congrats on your room and may you have many happy crafty hours in there!!

Amy E.

yyam said...

Wow! Congrats on having a craft room! Looks like it has the potential for more stuff *winks*...whoa check out those copics...I have like 24..lol

Have fun in your new creative space. I'm still crafting in my bedroom.

eva said...

man, i'm so jealous!! love your room! your son's a cutie too!

Arabella said...

Wow! It's awesome Rinne! Yay you! It looks so lovely and orderly too! I really need to sort my room out now!!!!


Amy said...

Very cool craft room Rinne, you have so much room to work in! How wonderful once everyone can be in there working away together, so nice! Looks like Mattie is already to craft with you, too fun!

Hanneke said...

Wow, congratz on the craft room! Looks lovely! Have fun crafting in it. Hugs, Hanneke

jo (http://joboogie.typepad.com) said...

Your room looks so AWESOME! I'm so happy that you have a space to call your own! You're going to be creating some amazing and fabulous projects in there, I can already tell! Yay! :)

margie c {The Bumble Girl} said...

WoW WoW WoW!!! You have a beautiful crafty room!!! Such a wonderful desk too, I love that you can face either way that you want, fun!!!
Enjoy your new room :)
hugs, margie

Ady said...

I love your craft room. It's beautiful. I hope you get to create to your hearts content. I love white too. My room has white Ikea stuff too. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Thank the Swedish that they invented IKEA. I think they have a lot of great storage systems. I would not know how to store my little craft stash without them. (It's little compared to yours but too much for my small room.)
So I hope you enjoy your new room.