Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Currents.


This little guy is 2 1/2 now. Learning so much in pre-school. Lots of new words. Does these cute karate-like moves with his arms/feet when watching Kung-Fu Panda! The other week though, I saw him pulling on each corner of his mouth and sticking his tongue out! Haha! Guess that comes with the territory!


MK loves his Thomas. Given to us by one of my dear friends, M. He sleeps hugging it every night.


Got this from Target when the Missoni line first opened up. It reminds me of how much I had wanted to decorate our house. With the stress of daily life, I've gotten away from that. This year, I plan to go back to my goal. I really want a beautifully-furnished but kid-friendly home. First on the agenda is buy some shelves. Second is to purge some stuff.


Still loving my accessories. You could tell what kind of crafter I am by my earrings, no? Embellishments, anyone? :) From Anthropologie, Museum of Modern Art, Betsey Johnson.


Current outfits: black pants and whatever top is clean. No make-up. Hair pulled back. *sighs*. I have a hair appointment this week to get my roots done. Need to get motivated to dressing like how I used to. Lots of lovely, feminine tops in my closet. Really need to work on myself. If only I wasn't so tired and busy all the time! But that, folks, is another story! Must do another post soon about how my One Little Word (Balance) is going.


Gilster is working hard at work and at home. Deserves something big! Had a chance to get him some SF 49er tickets for Christmas. Really regretting that I didn't. They're doing so well (wooot wooo, Super BOWL!!!!). And we've never been to a football game. I think G would've enjoyed this! If you ask him, he'll probably say, "but I hate crowds!" Oh, dear hubby!!


Mr. Drool Monster turned 6 months. I think we are finally over the sickies (*prays and crosses fingers*). He lost a bit of weight but is still getting cuter each day (me biased? never! lol!). Is more playful than ever. Does this cute little dance and not quite able to sit without support yet. Totally lights up when he sees Mommy or Daddy!


This pic is to show that cute clothes exist for little boys. They sure get harder to find as they grow older though!


Till the next 'currents,' thanks for reading!

P.S. All pics taken by Maria Grace Abuzman of Momentary Bliss during our family session, 11/11.


Creations by Shirl said...

You have such an amazing family, so adorable.....great pics....Like you yard outside too...

Arabella said...

Rinne these photos are stunning! Your boys (all three) are gorgeous! You look lovely without makeup too! I love your hair flower embellishments!


Mary J said...

Oh, he is just delightful, Rinne!!! I wanna hug him!

Thx for sharing such lovely photos honey!

eva said...

wonderful pics, thanks so much for sharing them! love the cheeks on your drool monster, so cute! i know what you mean, so hard to take time out for us but we so need to. at least that is what i say but actually doing it is a lot harder.

Lisa said...

What awesome pics, Rinne!! I really enjoyed looking at these!! You have a beautiful family :)


jo ( said...

Love the pics! And love the family update too! :)

sweet said...

Great family photos! It's nice to see such a close loving family!