Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paper Child.

Good Saturday morning, everyone!

I decided to play along with Some Odd Girl's Facebook Paper Child contest. To know more about what Paper Child is, read here.

These were pretty addicting! The ones of Tiny Baby weren't as creative as the ones of Believe. Still, I had a lot of fun trying to find 'photo locations' for my models!

Tee hee! I was flying around the house yesterday when I should've been taking a nap or cleaning. But I hadn't crafted in so long so I gave in to my 'craving.' :) Hey, it's better than eating the cake I just baked!


Oliver inspired my shots of Tiny Baby. At 6 months, he is already much more active than MK was at that age! So Tiny Baby is climbing all over the place, a dare devil at that!





Buwahahahahaha! This one cracks me up!!


And now, to channel my inner sexiness, I used Believe. LOL, Pardon me but I have been stuck in the house for a few days now tending to l'il sick ones and I have a bit of cabin fever. I'm dying to get dolled up & go out!!!


She is the ultimate femme fatale, isn't she? She decides to hang out in my jewelry stand.


And look, I have some Art Noveau-ish earrings! :) Believe is an image inspired by that period!


ROWWWWWRRRRR!!! Who knew a stamp could exude such sex appeal? Buwahahahaha!!!

Thanks for visiting! And y'know what's cool about these images? I can still make cards out of them :).

*Images colored with Copic markers.



sweet said...

Your coloring is awesome...and this is sooo hilarious!!!

Creations by Shirl said...

I never heard of this until now, I thought you were jiving until I read about it..... Cute / funny! love the way you used them on all the different objects.... Brillant ideas!
And now you will have to get them ready and use them to make cards and don't forget to show and tell....

frances joy said...

sooo cool :) love your colouring :)

Sunghee said...

Teeheeheeheeheee so cute! Great coloring! I hope your kids feel better.

Khusboo said...

the images are so cute..


margie c {The Bumble Girl} said...

Oh my! This looks like so much fun! This little baby is so adorable, and he looks like he get into a bit of fun trouble too ;)
TFS! hugs, margie

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, this is so awesome!! Those images are amazing - you did a fabulous job coloring them!! I love the pictures...I wanted to see more ;)


МД в картинках said...

Baby photos are soo cute=))

Amy said...

LOL! This was so fun to see all the places you put these two, you did an outstanding job with this challenge Rinne!

jo ( said...

Your pics are awesome! That baby looks awesome - everywhere! :)