Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Adore You.


Good morning, everyone!

For my last post as The Greeting Farm's February Guest Design Team member, I wanted to make a Spring-themed card. I thought Birthday Anya II would be perfect for the new & sweet papers of Dear Lizzy's Neopolitan.

I used the same rolled paper technique that I did on one of the cards for my first post. See below for my quick tutorial.

I created this card using my favorite design methods -- layering embellishments and creating lots of textures! The background of ruffled crepe paper actually came like that -- it's from Dear Lizzy's new line from American Crafts. It was a bit tricky cutting it (make sure you don't cut the part where it's glued), but the result was worth it. Every supply is from that line except for the two birdies -- they are from Imaginisce.

I'm also trying out new color combinations for hair and skin. The hair combo is E50, E21, E23, E27, and I got it from the talented Arabella. For her skin, I didn't quite have all of the Copic shades. Hence, the result is that Anya looks a bit like she overdid it at the tanning salon, a la Jersey Shore style. Before I colored her hair, my sis said she looked like Snooki. Hahahahahaha!!!! I tried to correct it by using a colorless blender -- you can kinda see where I tried to take off some color (ooops!).

Aside from her skin, I'm loving the way her dress and its pleats turned out. I taught myself how to color ruffles in. I must say that I'm pretty proud of it :).

Anyway, here's a quickie on the rolled paper. Pics were taken by my phone so they're a bit blurry/ grainy.

Cut slits on your patterned paper. Make sure it's double-sided.

Take a paper piercer or lollipop stick, and roll the paper around it. You have to roll several times using your fingers and work in the fibers of the paper to make it more pliable.

Try to keep the rolls on different levels for a better layering effect.

Anyway, it's time for this girlie to go! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Oh my gosh, this is so cute I could DIE!!!

Amy said...

Amazing card! I love the ruffled crepe paper, it's so cool looking with Anya in her party dress! The rolled paper makes the perfect frame! Just another fabulously colored and designed card Rinne!

eva said...

cute rolled paper! love the colors and thanks for the tutorial! oh my gosh, anya is sooooo much cuter than snooki!

yyam said...

Oooh...totally cute! I love the pastels! And how awesome are those rolled papers!

SamSam said...

so cute! i love the Dear Lizzy papers and how you rolled the paper like a curtain. and love the use of crepe papers too! very very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

jo ( said...

Cute cute CUTE! I love the hair color combo (thanks for sharing, btw!) and the rolled paper is perfect! Thanks for the tutorial! :)