Saturday, April 20, 2013

Inspired by Moi.


Hello there!

It's Saturday, and I try to showcase Time for Tea Designs on my favorite day. Today is extra special as I'm featuring the digi release I love the most for this month: Happy Birthday.

She happens to be a fave because of her dress and her hair and her shoes! Not to mention that I'm an April baby myself! So for this card, I totally went for what I would want on a birthday card. I know it may seem pretty random but I had to include the following:

1. Cameras - if you happen to be a follower of my Instagram (rinnester), you know I take lots and lots of pics. Well, you can bet I'll have my phone and big camera in hand when I celebrate!

2. A femme outfit - love her dress and shoes! And I went even a step further and included that beautiful, frilly trim from Allison Kreft Abad's Composition and Color line.

3. Flowers - my hubby has spoiled me and gets me flowers every year. I forgot the exact brand of paper I cut the flowers from but isn't it a cute little bunch??

4. Music - I love singing "Happy Birthday" to people, but get embarrassed when they sing it to me. LOL.

5. Magic - I get a fuzzy feeling when I celebrate my day. You know, the feel good kind. I never understood why people don't like making their day even a l'il bit more special. I always try to make it a point to do something small, like go out to dinner with friends. It's once a year when you get a whole day to do whatever you'd like, even if it means growing older. Anyway, that main background paper is perfect for magic, don't ya think? BTW, all papers are by Crate Paper, designed by Maggie Holmes. Here's a link to her products at 2 Peas (luv, luv her designs!)

6. Sentimentality - I adore Kelly Purkey's "La Vie est Belle" stamp. It means "life is beautiful" in French (see, those French classes in high school paid off!). Live your day to the fullest!

Anyway, i got to run! I have a special class I've got to get ready for! More deets later!


But one more question ... if you could design a birthday card that would best describe you, what would it include?

Hugs lovely peeps,

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Jo Davies said...

Gorgeous Corinne!! & Happy Birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day! I love the idea of making yourself your own special card with all your favourite things :D xx