Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time For Tea Designs' MJs


Happy Saturday to ya!

I can't believe the month passed by so quickly! Earlier, I couldn't wait for my vacation, our anniversary, and then my birthday. Shouldn't have done that because it made time just fly by! Wow, it feels almost like summer is in my neck of the woods!

Today, I'm featuring Time for Tea Designs' Mary Janes. Isn't she so purrrrty??

I wanted to color her in subtle tones, unlike my usual bright colors. And I always wanted to try out putting down lots of lots of embellishments like I've seen Joanna and the other DT do. But for some reason, it's coming up as more towards the clean, less layered look. Love how there are a lot of textures though! That 'today' sign was colored by these special metallic rub-ons that I have. It shimmers but I couldn't get a good photograph.


Take care and I'll see you manana!!


Jo Davies said...

Love this Corinne!! Great colour combo as usual & fab colouring :D x

Sheena Brooks said...

Absolutely lovely, Rinne!